Choi Yunjin博士によるセミナー / Seminar by Dr. Choi Yunjin

2019年5月15日(水) 11:00~12:00
/ 15 May, 2019 (Wed) 11:00 - 12:00

Admission Free, No Booking Necessary

統計数理研究所 セミナー室4 (D312-B)
/ Seminar room4 (D312-B) @ The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Dr. Choi Yunjin
(National University of Singapore)
Adaptive community detection via fused l-1 penalty
In recent years, community detection has been an active research area in various fields including machine learning and statistics. While a plethora of works has been published over the past few years, most of the existing methods depend on a predetermined number of communities. Given the situation, determining the proper number of communities is directly related to the performance of these methods. Currently, there does not exist a golden rule for choosing the ideal number, and people usually rely on their background knowledge of the domain to make their choices. To address this issue, we propose a community detection method that also adaptively finds the number of the underlying communities. Central to our method is fused l-1 penalty applied on an induced graph from the given data. The proposed method shows promising results.