Seminar on Bioimage Inforamtics

1st July 2014 (Tue) 15:00-16:00

Admission Free,No Booking Necessary

Seminar Room 3 (D312A) @ The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Jasmine Burguet
(French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA))
Integrating, analyzing and modeling biological spatial organizations from image data
Imagery techniques, in particular microscopy, allow to explore precisely the spatial architecture of biological structures. However, the exploitation of the massive amount of data they produce, using appropriate statistical tools, is still an ongoing challenge. The talk will focus on the analysis of spatial organizations. In particular, we will address the particular case of biological structures that can be assimilated to spatial point patterns, for example cells in a neuronal population or endosomes within a cell. We will expose a strategy that allows to integrate, to reveal and to compare spatial organizations of point patterns from replicated data. The approach is based upon a statistical estimator of point intensity. This estimation is possible due to an a priori spatial normalization of the data. Methods will be illustrated in different biological systems: the central nervous system of rodents and, at a finer scale, the intra-cellular functional organization in plant roots. Finally, Free-D, a user-friendly software freely distributed and integrating the developped algorithms within our group, will be presented.