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The “ISM Survey Research Report” series is a journal publishing theories and results of statistical research, and is published at irregular intervals.

Please Take Note:
The publication series, which used to be titled simply as the “ISM Research Report”, has now been renamed the “ISM Survey Research Report”


List of Reports  (Latest issue: No.124
 - The full text of reports is available in PDF format from Report No.54.

Aims and Scope

Guidelines for Submission    

How to Obtain Copies

  From Outside the ISM
  Fill out the Application Form for complimentary copies and send it through postal mail.  At this point, we cannot accept applications sent over FAX or the Internet.  Our committee on the statistical science will assess the application and let you know whether we can provide copies or not. 
  Other Consideration
  If your organization is a for-profit business then please also enclose documents that attest to the nature of your business (i.e., pamphlets or similar printed matters).
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  Editorial Office, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 10-3 Midori-cho, Tachikawa 190-8562, Tokyo