Guidelines for Submission


Revised: December 16, 2014
How to Submit
  1. Each publication within the Survey Research Report series may only take up one topical theme or research question.
  2. Three printed copies must be submitted to the Editorial Board.
  3. Manuscripts should be printed on A4-sized paper; their margins, spacing and font sizes should be such that they would be appropriate for photograph-quality printing. Please also keep in mind that because the final product is printed in B5-size paper, the contents may be reduced in size as needed.
  4. Show the names of authors on the title page. However, if there are many authors, it is acceptable to simplify the title page by showing only the name(s) of a principal researcher and/or the research group, institution, etc, and print the names of all the authors on the back of the title page. Further, the name(s) of author(s) shown on the title page will also be displayed in the corresponding PDF version on the webpage. Please use the template files (cover1: MSword ; cover2: MSword) for the cover.
  1. Copyright of this report series belongs to the Institute of Statistical Mathematics.
Rules for Publication
  1. After a manuscript has been accepted it will be made available for the public in print, and in principle as a PDF file on the webpage. The author is responsible for printing a certain number of copies, which he/she is supposed to send to universities, institutes, researchers, etc. that we designate, in addition to 10 copies for our stock.
  2. The author(s) must submit a PDF file to the Editorial Board after the manuscript has been accepted for publication. This file must correspond exactly to the draft intended for publication in print.