Research Collaboration

ISM performs many activities for collaborating with researchers in the various fields of statistical science,from the individual level to the national level. The ISM cooperative research program regularly performs research activities to provide the research resources of ISM to researchers at universities or research institutes in order to advance their academic research. Available research resources include books, journals, supercomputers,some commercial statistical software packages, as well as statistical packages developed by ISM, and also the researchers in ISM themselves, who have abundant professional knowledge and experience in statistical science and data analysis. The ISM cooperative research program provides not only research support funds but also opportunities for the various researchers in many fields who require statistical knowledge to make use of the resources available at ISM. ISM’s aim is to be a place for interaction and fusion among researchers inside and outside of ISM, and to contribute to multidisciplinary development of both the theory and the application of statistical science.

Number of Activities

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Number of Activities 182 181 177 183 187 161

Fields of Research Collaboration

Research collaboration is classified by research field as follows. Applicants can use the table below to find the most appropriate type of project.

ISM Fields

Number Fields Number Fields
a Spatial and Time Series Modeling Group f Structure Exploration Group
b Complex System Modeling Group g Mathematical Statistics Group
c Latent Structure Modeling Group h Learning and Inference Group
d Survey Science Group i Computational Inference Group
e Metric Science Group j Others

Major Research Fields

Number Fields Major Research Domains
1 Statistical mathematics Mathematical theory of statistics, optimization, etc.
2 Information science Algorithms, use of computer in statistics, etc.
3 Biological science Medicine, pharmacy, epidemiology, genetics, etc.
4 Physical science Space, planet, earth, polar region, materials, etc.
5 Engineering Mechanics, electronics, control, chemistry, architecture, etc.
6 Human science Philosophy, art, psychology, education, history, geography, culture, language, etc.
7 Social science Economics, law, politics, society, management, official statistics, population, etc.
8 Environmental science Environmental Statistics, Environmentrics, Agricultural Statistics, Statistical Meteorology, Land Economics, Landscape Management, Forest Management, etc.
9 Others Other research fields