A Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)with the Korean Association for Survey Research (KASR) was signed

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) and the Korean Association for Survey Research (KASR) was signed on February 14, 2018.

This MOU was the very first MOU with the foreign research organization in Survey Science NOE (Network Of Excellence) by the connection of Associate Professor Tadahiko Maeda and Assistant Professor Yoosung Park of ISM.

Professor Gihong Yi who is Director of General Affairs of KASR visited ISM on the day. Professor Tomoyuki Higuchi, Director-General, Professor Satoshi Ito, Vice Director-General and Director of the NOE Promotion Unit, Professor Junji Nakano, Director of the International Affairs Unit, Assoc. Prof. Maeda and Assist. Prof. Park of ISM joined the signing ceremony. After the greeting, Prof. Yi, Prof. Higuchi and Prof. Nakano signed the MOU documents.

Then Prof. Higuchi explained the research activities at ISM including the NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project.

ISM will carry out the fourteenth Japanese National Character Survey in 2018. ISM expects to promote international academic exchange in the survey science research field with this MOU as its first step.




Prof. Gihong Yi(right)
Prof. Higuchi(left)
Prof. Nakano(center
Commemorative photo together with all attender
From right in the front row; Prof. Gihong Yi,Prof. Higuchi,Prof. Nakano
From the left in the back row; Prof. Ito,Assoc. Prof. Maeda, Assist. Prof. Park
Prof. Higuchi presented some souvenir of ISM to Prof. Gihong Yi.

(Administration Planning and Coordination Section)


NOE (Netwrok Of Excellence) Project at ISM