Procedure for registering a Research Memorandum

For downloading:

the registration form
the application file
the html file
at the same time.

Read the instructions for registration. (here)

Obtain a registration No. at the editorial office
(By registering name and title in a designated form at room D310).

Download the application files from the Website of the Institute.
Please refer to the left hand side for downloading files:

Download the registration form (Word file), then input the necessary item, 
and print it out (for preparation of the submission file)
1. the registration form (registration.doc)
2. the application file (resm.txt)
3. the html file (resm.html) 
amend each, then rename the files
resm***.txt, resm***.html(*** represents the Res.Memo registration number),
eg. resm800.txt 

Open the file resm ***.htm using a browser, then print out one copy

Please submit the following to the editorial room
1. 2 copies of the body of the Res.Memo.
2. A registration form
3. A html file 
4. A application file. 
(e-mail is acceptable, address is: