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(研究成果) ポスター等: Updated on 18 October 2021  arrows_8-04  English

Modified estimation and forecasting of the hierarchical space-time ETAS (HIST-ETAS) model for earthquake catalogs in a wide area possessing long- and short-term incompleteness
 (Yosihiko Ogata and Koichi Katsura)

Toward urgent forecasting of aftershock hazard: Simultaneous estimation of b-value of the Gutenberg-Richter’s law of the magnitude frequency and changing detection rates of aftershocks immediately after the mainshock
 (Yosihiko Ogata and Koichi Katsura)

福岡県西方沖の余震活動での相対的静穏化とストレスシャドウと前駆すべりのシナリオについて  (尾形良彦)

月齢と地震発生の相関について  (岩田貴樹)

活断層のずれ速度を利用したBPT分布更新過程の事前分布によるベイズ型予測  (野村俊一)