NOE-type Research Centers

We reorganized the NOE-type research centers for the previous FY2016. There are currently four NOE-type research centers, “Risk Analysis Research Center”, “Research Center for Statistical Machine Learning”, “Data Science Center for Creative Design and Manufacturing”and "Research center for Medical Health Data Science". These centers conduct research activities that interface statistical mathematics with individual scientific disciplines in order to find solutions to urgent social problems.(As of April 1, 2023)

Risk Analysis Research Center

Risk Analysis Research Center is pursuing a scientific approach to managing uncertainties and risks in society, which have increased with the growing globalization of society and economy. Our research projects are mainly seismology, finance, resources, environmentology, database development and risk mathematics. The Center also manages a network organization for risk analysis to facilitate research collaboration across different organizations with the common goal of creating a safe and resilient society. In addition, the center is at the core of developing the Risk Research NOE and we established the Data Science Research Unit for Resource -Environment Management in April 2020.This unit promotes research projects and forms a network for Resource -Environment Management.

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Director Satoshi 

DirectorShogo KATO

Research Center for Statistical Machine Learning

Machine learning is a research field associated with autonomous systems that can learn their behavior from data. This field is based on both the statistical science concerning inference from data and computer science concerning efficient algorithms. It can be applied to broad disciplines ranging engineering and information science to natural science, such as robotics and brain sciences. Our research center aims at supporting the academic community of this field, as well as producing influential research through various joint projects.

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Director Kenji FUKUMIZU

DirectorKenji FUKUMIZU

Data Science Center for Creative Design and Manufacturing

We aim to foster new scientific methods for innovative design and manufacturing. Various fields in manufacturing are now facing a revolutionary period. Population reduction and globalization are bringing dramatic changes in the industrial structure in Japan. Countries around the world has actively developed their growth strategies utilizing data science as a driving force. We have accumulated state-of-the-art technologies in data science here. We are devoted to foster and practice advanced methods in data science for design and manufacturing.

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Director Ryo YOSHIDA

DirectorRyo YOSHIDA

Research Center for Medical and Health Data Science

Research Center for Medical and Health Data Science aims to facilitate statistical data science research that covers medical studies, drug developments, health care, and public health. Our research projects involve fundamental mathematics and computational science for medical applications, applied methodology for basic, clinical and social medicine, and modern technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analyses. Furthermore, our research center aims at constructing a research network of the academic community of this field, as well as offering advanced statistical education programs.

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Director Shigeyuki MATSUI

DirectorShigeyuki MATSUI

Survey Science Center  (From January, 2011 to January, 2017)

Founded on the accomplishments in social research by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics spanning over half a century including the Study of the Japanese National Character and the cross-national comparative research on national characteristics, the Survey Science Center was established in January of 2011 in order to facilitate further growth of the aforementioned sets of research as well as the establishment of networking ties with both domestic and international research organizations and the increase in the capacity to make contributions to wider society by creating what we call the NOE (Network Of Excellence). Through the corresponding five projects, the Survey Science Center aims to: strengthen the intellectual foundation of survey science; develop methodologies for survey research in a sustainable manner; improve public awareness and literacy about social research; accumulate data from survey research at the national scale; and facilitate mutual understanding between different countries. The Center hopes to function as the hub of activities for the respective types of aforementioned research agendas.

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Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation  (From January, 2011 to March, 2019)

Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation aims to construct simulation models that can predict the future and to design effective observation systems by means of “data assimilation”, which is a fundamental technology integrating numerical simulations and observational data.

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Director Genta UENO

DirectorGenta UENO