Introduction of the Project

――NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project ――

In the 2000s, the COE (“Center of Excellence,” referring to centers that attract excellent professionals in cutting-edge facilities) and related programs were promoted.

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) activated the NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project in 2010, which seeks to transcend COE. The goal of establishing NOE is to promote advanced studies in individual and interdisciplinary fields, to integrate research, and to create new research fields by connecting professionals and facilities.

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Aims and goals

  • To promote more active research collaborations between statistical mathematics researchers and researchers in other fields
  • To develop and expand research in both statistical mathematics and other research fields
  • To build and deploy a hub for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer centered on ISM
  • To promote and implement interdisciplinary research, including literary fusion and creation of new academic fields
  • To establish a network-type style of cooperative research

Outline of the project

To solve the complex problems of modern society, it is essential to make use of large-scale data and merge research from multiple fields. It is necessary to establish trans-disciplinary NOE focused on statistical mathematics, a fast-emerging tool for using large-scale data. As mentioned before, ISM has promoted the NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project since 2010.

This project is attracting strong support from each community. The Managing Committee of the NOE Project decides the guidelines of the project for unified management. Advice is also taken from the members of the Advisory Board of the NOE Project, which is made up of experts from the industrial, academic, and government sectors.

ISM is promoting the establishment of NOE and related research activities in seven areas: Risk Research, Next-Generation Simulation, Survey Science, Statistical Machine Learning, Data Science for Creative Design and Manufacturing, and Medical and Health Data Science.

ISM is continuously expanding and developing this NOE project with the aim of establishing new scientific methodologies (“the fourth paradigm; data science”), creating new research disciplines, and developing a new style of joint research.

Since 2016, ISM has reorganized NOE and NOE-type research centers based on cooperation with the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS), ISM’s parent organization, and in response to social conditions and community needs. ISM is always considering better ways to promote and develop research activities.

Please also refer to pp.14-15, “Outline of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 2023-2024” for the introduction of the NOE Project