Based on the foundation of our accomplishments in social research for over half a century, in January of 2011 the Survey Science Center was established in order to further foster their development and advance our ability to contribute to the civil society. Given this parameter, we specifically aim to conduct and promote the following objectives at the Survey Research Center.

Enhancing the Academic Infrastructure of Survey Research:
By accumulating and disclosing information on survey research from both domestic and international sources, we aim to strengthen the infrastructural capacity available for academia.

Sustained Development of the Methodology of Survey Research:
We aim to contribute to a sustained development of the methodology of survey research by offering young scholars opportunities for hands-on training in research projects.

Making the Public More Literate of the Science of Survey Research:
We aim to improve the awareness of survey research among the general public and across primary and secondary educational institutions by disseminating ideas on survey research methodology and other related information.

Accumulation of Survey Data as Historical Asset of the Nation:
By conducting the series of research projects in a sustained manner we aim to create a national asset of scientific archive that record the shifts in values and attitudes of Japanese people in the form of statistical data.

Promoting Mutual Understanding Internationally:
We aspire to conduct international comparative research projects to place the values and attitudes of the Japanese people in an international context, and to foster better understanding between different cultures.


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