Prof. Yike Guo, Director of Data Science Institute,
Imperial College London visited ISM

Prof. Yike Guo, Director of Data Science Institute (DSI), Imperial College London (ICL) made a visit to the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) on Dec. 16, 2014.

This was the first visit to ISM for Prof. Guo. As representing ISM, Prof. Higuchi, Director-General, Prof. H. Maruyama, Vice-Director-General, Prof. T. Matsui, Prof. J. Nakano and Project Researcher Y. Ariyoshi introduced research activities at each center and in ISM. Besides, Assoc. Prof. D. Mochihashi gave a talk with a title of "Nonparametric Bayesian Methods in Audio and Language Processing".

Prof. Guo gave a 45-minute short talk for ISM researchers and graduate students. Prof. Guo introduced about DSI, their research activities, and vision as “Making data the soil of great scientific innovation for a better world”.
The ISM researchers and graduate students showed strong interests in the talk by Prof. Guo and actively questioned because ISM also has its own vision; “Establishment and practice of Centric Data Science” ”Create new research field” and “Development professionals who can make a decision based on data”.

Prof. Guo enjoyed to the facility tour in ISM guided by Prof. J. Nakano and Assoc. Prof. Y. Kawasaki. Overall, Prof. Guo seemed to be very impressed by the activities of ISM, which is the sole institution in Japan for advanced research and education of statistical science. We are looking forward to much more international exchange and cooperation between DSI and ISM in the future.