The Advisory Board Meeting was held

The Advisory Board of NOE (Network Of Excellence) Project was held at TOKYO KAIKAN on Sep. 24th, 2012.

ISM set up Advisory Board of NOE Project, which is organized by experts in the private, academia, and government sectors to enlist various advices for a better promotion of the project.

ISM reorganized their research centers. All of strategic research centers were transformed to the NOE-type centers, which enable to interdisciplinary knowledge transfer revolving around ISM.

And this time, ISM held Advisory Board to explain their past NOE activities, and to collect opinions from the members of Advisory Board for further research activities in the next stage of the NOE Project.

8 of 9 members of Advisory Board, Dr. Shun-ichi Amari (Senior Advisor of RIKEN Brain Science Institute) , Prof. Dr. Yoshio Oyanagi (Adjunct Professor of Graduate School of System Information of Kobe University), Dr. Takamitsu Sawa (President of Shiga University), Dr. Motoyuki Suzuki (Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University), Dr. Naoki Tanaka (President of Center for International Public Policy Studies), and Prof. Dr. Kazufumi Manabe (Professor of Sociology and Research Methodology School of Cultural and Creative Studies of Aoyama Gakuin University), and Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Director-General of Center for Research Development and Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency), and Mr. Tomoo Yoshida (Director-General of Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies) were attend.

And Director-General, Prof. Dr. Tomoyuki Higuchi and other related members of ISM explained the NOE Project. Members of Advisory Board mentioned their opinions and advices actively in their own or interdisciplinary research fields, which gave ISM the very fruitful opportunity.