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Protection and survey of resources

We should consider the effective and appropriate utilization of natural resources together with the protection of wild animals and forests. Statistical science also contributes to the survey and protection of resources through the study of new methods to estimate the number of inhabitants based on field surveys and experiments, and the study of spatial patterns created by the ecosystem.

§1 Survey and management of whales

Photo by Dr. Yoshihiro Fujise, the Institute of Cetacean Research

A feedback-type management system was developed to conserve and manage whale resources. Tests for applying this system to each stock are under way. Monitoring is also being done on a yearly basis in the Antarctic Ocean to obtain further information.

A study to identify the breeding groups migrating into the Antarctic Ocean, based on the analysis of inherited characteristics, is being conducted. Also environmental information such as contaminant accumulation is gathered and analyzed in conjunction with biological information such as age and degree of maturity for each individual.


§2 Analysis of territorial behavior patterns


The territorial behavior of animals has the effect of minimizing their struggles, thereby keeping the ecosystem stable.

By investigating the way in which a certain habitat is divided into the territories of animals, and by analyzing the results using statistical models, the effective forms of habitat use is being revealed quantitatively.


§3 Evaluation of the number of wild animals

Photo by Mr. Yoshiharu Teruoka, Forestry Section,
Kamigo Municipality, Nagano Prefecture

Estimating the number of wild animals inhabiting a certain area is important for protecting and managing them.

It has become possible to estimate the number of inhabitants by applying a statistical viewpoint to animal prints, such as those of hares, foxes, etc.

[Documentary, "Counting Hares"]

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