Vol.69, No.2 (2021) Contents

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Special Topic: Hawkes Process: Recent Development and Applications
121-122 On the Special Topic "Hawkes Process: Recent Development and Applications"
Jiancang Zhuang, Shinsuke KOYAMA, Shunichi NOMURA
123-143 A Personal History of Hawkes Processes
Alan Hawkes and Jing CHEN
145-163 The ETAS Model in Statistical Seismology: Its History, Recent Developments, and Influences on General Hawkes Processes
Jiancang ZHUANG and Yosihiko OGATA
165-180 Hawkes-type Count Time Series Models
Shinsuke KOYAMA
181-207 Comparison of Two Estimation Methods for Hawkes Processes and Application to Actual Data Analysis
209-222 A Nonlinear Hawkes Process in Seismology: A Seismicity Model Based on Rate- and State-dependent Friction Law
Takaki IWATA
223-237 Extended Versions of the Space-time ETAS Model and Their Applications
Yicun GUO and Jiancang ZHUANG
239-254 Forecasting Repeating Earthquakes Considering Aftershock-triggering Effects
Shunichi NOMURA and Masayuki TANAKA
Special Topic: A Statistical Study of the Japanese National Character; Summary of 30 Years of the Heisei Era and Prospects for the Future
255-257 On the Special Topic "A Statistical Study of the Japanese National Character: Summary of 30 Years of the Heisei Era and Prospects for the Future"
Tadahiko MAEDA
259-281 Japanese National Character Survey to Cross-national Comparative Survey — From "Statistical Mathematics" to "Science of Data"
283-294 Nonresponse-adjusted Estimates of Population Proportions in the 13th and 14th Nationwide Surveys on the Japanese National Character
Tadayoshi FUSHIKI
295-314 Environmental Awareness of Japanese Citizens: Quantitative Analysis of Chronological Changes and Related Factors Performed Using the Japanese National Character Survey
315-337 What Factors Determine the Intent to Out-migrate from Urban Areas to Rural Areas? Focusing on the Sense of "Giri ninjo" (Humanity) in the Survey on the Japanese National Character
Yoosung PARK
339-365 Methodical Examinations on Question Items Measuring Japanese Religious Consciousness/Religiosity: Secondary Analysis of the Japanese National Character Survey
Kazufumi MANABE

367-388 Data Linkage and Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Monetary Policy Effects and Transmission Mechanisms
Katsurako SONODA and Satoshi YAMASHITA

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