Vol.66, No.1 (2018) Contents

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Special Topic: New Development on Statistics Education
1-2 On the Special Topic "New Development on Statistics Education"
Yoshiyasu TAMURA, Hiroko NAKANISHI and Michiko WATANABE
3-14 How to Teach Statistical Thinking in the Education Process of Mathematics at Elementary or Secondary School
15-36 Statistical Inquiry Process and Assessment
Hiromi FUKASAWA, Naoko SAKURAI and Shizue IZUMI
37-48 Development of Statistics Teaching Materials Presented in Textbook Format at a Private Combined Junior and Senior High School
Akiyoshi SUDO
49-62 Cultivation of Clinical Biostatisticians
Shiro TANAKA, Rei AIDA, Takumi IMAI, Seiko HIROTA, Satoshi MORITA, Toshimitsu HAMASAKI and Tosiya SATO
63-78 Shiga University Model of Data Science Education
Akimichi TAKEMURA, Shizue IZUMI, Kunihiko SAITO, Tetsuto HIMENO, Hidetoshi MATSUI and Heiwa DATE
79-96 A Large-scale Testing System for Learning Assistance and Its Learning Analytics
97-105 Consideration of Realization of Lessons with Statistical Problem Solving ― Focusing on the Differences between Processes Using Existing Data ―
Kazuhiro AOYAMA
107-120 Status of Basic Statistics Education from Survey Results on Data Science Education
Akinobu TAKEUCHI and Katsuyuki SUENAGA
121-133 Development of Teaching Materials for Statistical Education: Practice in a High School Mathematics Class
Hisao OIKAWA, Kazuki IDE, Tomoyuki HOSONO, Maiko AKUTAGAWA, Youhei KAWASAKI and Michiko WATANABE
135-151 A High School Case Study of Statistical Education Practice after Completion of a Unit on "Data Analysis" - From the Viewpoint of Fostering the Ability to Utilize Data -
Junpei SAKAI and Yoshinari INABA
153-165 A Practical Report on Statistical Education for Undergraduates - Active Learning Connecting Deduction and Induction-
167-176 An Estimation of Minimum Class Size for an Effective Classroom Experiment on the Central Limit Theorem using Clickers
177-186 Prospects for Statistics Education through JINSE

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