Vol.44, No.2 (1996) Contents

Vol.44, No.2

Special Topic: Development of Software for Statistics 1
147-148 On the Feature Articles on Development of Software for Statistics 1
Yoshiyasu TAMURA
149-162 Education Using SAS/INSIGHT
Chikuma HAMADA and Junji KISHIMOTO
163-179 Nonlinear Optimization with SAS/IML and Its Applications to Statistics
Junji KISHIMOTO and Chikuma HAMADA
181-190 A Statistical Analysis Software for Personal Computers, STATISTICA
191-200 Development of StatPartner and Its Application
Norihiro YOSHIDA and Shigeto KUDO

201-210 Reliability of Connected-X-out-of-(m, n):F Lattice Systems
211-226 Estimation for Continuous Time Stochastic Processes by a Local Linearization Method
Isao SHOJI and Tohru OZAKI
227-233 Problems in Education in the Field of Statistics at the High School Level
Masakatsu MURAKAMI
235-249 Spectral Analysis Based on Peak Frequency of Nonstationary Power Spectrum
Norikazu IKOMA
251-262 Analizing Asymmetry in Economic Time Series by Using SSAR Model
Seisho SATO

263-274 Statistical Education : An International Perspective
David VERE-JONES (translated by Ryoichi SHIMIZU)

275-284 Statistical Theory of Turbulence and Its Applications
    285-320 Abstracts of Research Works in 1995

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