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Vol.8 Contents (1956/1957)

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No.1 (1956)

On the distributions of the Hotelling's T2-statistics
Minoru Siotani (8, 1-14)
PDF (1826KB)

Simple estimators of the parameters of exponential distributions when samples are censored
Benjamin Epstein (8, 15-26)

On the evaluation of the sampling error of a certain determinant
Hirojiro Aoyama (8, 27-33)
PDF (895KB)

Note on preference and axioms of choice
Hirofumi Uzawa (8, 35-40)
PDF (839KB)

On confidence limits for the ratio of regression coefficients
B.M. Bennett (8, 41-43)

On the use of preliminary tests in certain statistical procedures
B.M. Bennett (8, 45-52)

On the distribution of the product of two \Gamma-distributed variables
Hirotugu Akaike (8, 53-54)
PDF (232KB)

Note on the sums of the independent variates of K. Pearson's type V
Isao Higuti (8, 55-59)

Note on optimal machine setting
Yukio Suzuki (8, 61-64)
PDF (465KB)

Errata *
(8, 65)

No.2 (1956)

Decision rule, based on the distance, for the classification problem
Kameo Matusita (8, 67-77)
PDF (1556KB)

Validity of approximate normality values for \mu \pm \kappa\sigma areas of practical type continuous populations
John E. Walsh (8, 79-86)

On a zero-one process and some of its applications
Hirotugu Akaike (8, 87-94)
PDF (1049KB)

Order statistics for discrete case with a numerical application to the binomial distribution
Minoru Siotani (8, 95-104)
PDF (1341KB)

On the distribution-free classification of an individual into one of two groups
Hirosi Hudimoto (8, 105-112)
PDF (1045KB)

Note on the decision of optimal tolerance in the design of a simple random assembling
Isao Higuti (8, 113-118)

Random number generator
Masatugu Isida and Hiroji Ikeda (8, 119-126)

Errata *
(8, 127)

No.3 (1957)

Sampling fluctuations of the test reliability
Hirojiro Aoyama (8, 129-143)
PDF (1736KB)

On the Hoeffding's combinatorial central limit theorem
Minoru Motoo (8, 145-154)
PDF (922KB)

Tables of the probability density function of range in normal samples
Masaaki Sibuya and Hideo Toda (8, 155-165)

Nonparametric mean estimation of percentage points and density function values
John E. Walsh (8, 167-180)

Cross-national comparative study on social stratification and social mobility
Sigeki Nisihira (8, 181-191)
PDF (1925KB)

Tests for linearity of regression involving correlated observations
B.M. Bennett (8, 193-195)

Errata *
(8, 195)

* Errata files are joined together with papers