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Vol.7 Contents (1955/1956)

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No.1 (1955)

Some problems of sampling in the forest survey
Kameo Matusita, Chikio Hayashi, Masatugu Isida, Hirobumi Uzawa, Hirosi Hudimoto, Hirotugu Akaike and Tosio Uematu (7, 1-23)

On the theory of sampling with probabilities proportionate to given values
Sumiyasu Yamamoto (7, 25-38)

The significance of the discordant variance estimates
Minoru Siotani (7, 39-55)
PDF (2650KB)

Note on the moments of the logarithmic non-central \chi2 and z distributions
B.M. Bennett (7, 57-61)

On the joint distribution of the mean and standard deviation
B.M. Bennett (7, 63-66)

No.2 (1956)

Decision rules, based on the distance, for the problems of independence, invariance and two samples
Kameo Matusita and Hirotugu Akaike (7, 67-80)
PDF (1884KB)

Multidimensional central limit criterion in the case of bounded variances
Kinsaku Takano (7, 81-93)
PDF (1572KB)

Central convergence criterion in the multidimensional case
Kinsaku Takano (7, 95-102)
PDF (899KB)

The effects of wide groupings on the distributions of array means and variances for correlated normal variables
G.A. Baker (7, 103-106)

Monte Carlo method applied to the solution of simultaneous linear equations
Hirotugu Akaike (7, 107-113)
PDF (842KB)

An approximation method in numerical computation of the Leontief's open input-output model
Hitosi Kimura (7, 115-122)
PDF (1064KB)

A generalization of Laplace criterion for decision problems
Hirofumi Uzawa (7, 123-129)
PDF (687KB)

Shape and size distribution of carbon black when it is crushed
Akinori Muta and Isao Higuti (7, 131-135)

No.3 (1956)

On the fundamental theorem for the decision rule based on distance || ||
Kameo Matusita and Minoru Motoo (7, 137-142)
PDF (641KB)

Some estimates which minimize the least upper bound of a probability together with the cost of observation
H.S. Konijn (7, 143-158)

Note on fitting a straight line when both variables are subject to error and some applications
Hirosi Hudimoto (7, 159-167)
PDF (1233KB)

Some theorems on the sum of positive random variables
Minoru Motoo (7, 169-181)
PDF (1297KB)

On optimum character of von Neumann's Monte Carlo model
Hirotugu Akaike (7, 183-193)
PDF (1472KB)

On intertemporal efficiency conditions of capital accumulation (I)
Hirofumi Uzawa (7, 195-204)
PDF (1339KB)

On the errors of outputs due to errors of technical coefficients in Leontief's open input-output models
Hitosi Kimura (7, 205-213)
PDF (747KB)

Determination of the target size by the indirect action of irradiation
Sigeki Sakino (7, 215-220)
PDF (955KB)

Errata *
(7, 221)

* Errata files are joined together with papers