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Vol.6 Contents (1954/1955)

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No.1 (1954)

A study of the stratified random sampling
Hirojiro Aoyama (6, 1-36)
PDF (5266KB)

On some limit theorems of probability distributions
Kinsaku Takano (6, 37-113)
PDF (11795KB)

Elementary proofs of some theorems about the social welfare function
Ken-ichi Inada (6, 115-122)

A further remark on the characterization of minimax procedures *
H.S. Knijn (6, 123)

A remark to 'On the estimation by the minimum distance method' *
Kameo Matusita (6, 124)

Errata *
(6, 125)

No.2 (1954)

An approximation to the density function
Hirotugu Akaike (6, 127-132)
PDF (747KB)

On testing statistical hypotheses
Kameo Matusita, Yukio Suzuki and Hirosi Hudimoto (6, 133-141)
PDF (1232KB)

Decision rule by probability ratio
Kameo Matusita (6, 143-151)
PDF (1305KB)

An estimate of standard deviation of normal population based on the difference between means of two groups divided by sample mean
Minoru Siotani (6, 153-160)
PDF (1172KB)

A statistical research on colloidal graphite I
Isao Higuti (6, 161-172)

On the forecasting of prognosis in pediatrics by a quantifying method
Sigeki Sakino and Goro Kono (6, 173-178)

Errata *
(6, 179-180)

No.3 (1955)

Estimation of linear regression coefficients in time series (A note on the generalization of minimum distance method)
Akiko Mine (6, 181-189)

Note on a relation between the distribution functions and characteristic functions
Minoru Motoo (6, 191-195)
PDF (477KB)

Note on the Neyman-Pearson's fundamental lemma
Yukio Suzuki (6, 197-211)
PDF (1992KB)

Bounded significance level tests for comparing quantiles of two possibly different continuous populations
John E. Walsh (6, 213-222)

New aspects of von Neumann's model with special regard to computational problems
Hukukane Nikaido (6, 223-230)

On the statistical investigation of diagnosis in the internal medicine
Sigeki Sakino and Umeji Hirata (6, 231-235)

Errata *
(6, 237)

* Errata files are joined together with papers