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Vol.5 Contents (1953/1954)

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No.1 (1953)

A metrization of class-convergences of distributions
Kinsaku Takano (5, 1-7)
PDF (1204KB)

Estimation by the minimum distance method
J. Wolfowitz (5, 9-23)

On the chi-square test for weighted samples
Hirojiro Aoyama (5, 25-28)
PDF (635KB)

A quantification of social status - A survey of social stratification and social mobility -
Sigeki Nisihira (5, 29-40)
PDF (1931KB)

On the many-dimensional distribution functions
Kinsaku Takano (5, 41-58)
PDF (2872KB)

No.2 (1954)

On the estimation by the minimum distance method
Kameo Matusita (5, 59-65)
PDF (1155KB)

Note on Wiener's prediction theory
Kinsaku Takano (5, 67-72)
PDF (782KB)

On the interviewing bias
Hirojiro Aoyama (5, 73-76)
PDF (534KB)

On the solutions of certain simultaneous equations in the theory of systematic statistics
Isao Higuchi (5, 77-90)

The effect of selection on linear functions of normally distributed correlated variables on the distributions of other linear functions
G.A. Baker (5, 91-95)

Tables for three-sample test
Yoshihiko Hiraga, Hidenori Morimura and Hisao Watanabe (5, 97-102)

Some further extensions of Fieller's theorem
B.M. Bennett (5, 103-106)

On the polaron state
Toshio Yokota (5, 107-119)

Multidimensional quantification - With the applications to analysis of social phenomena
Chikio Hayashi (5, 121-143)
PDF (3132KB)

Errata *
(5, 144)

* Errata files are joined together with papers