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Vol.4 Contents (1952/1953)

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No.1 (1952)

Asymptotic properties of the estimates of an unknown parameter in stationary Markoff process
Akiko Kazami (4, 1-6)

A remark on the linear regression estimate
Masatugu D. Isida (4, 7-9)

Note on the decision problem
Kameo Matusita and Hirotugu Akaike (4, 11-14)
PDF (548KB)

Absolute moments in 3-dimensional normal distribution
Seiji Nabeya (4, 15-30)
PDF (2372KB)

Estimation of means on the basis of preliminary tests of significance
B.M. Bennett (4, 31-43)

On tests and estimates for the ratio of Poisson means
Douglas G. Chapman (4, 45-49)

Correction to the paper 'On the theory of statistical decision functions' *
Kameo Matusita (4, 51-53)

No.2 (1953)

On a matching problem
Chikio Hayashi and Hirotugu Akaike (4, 55-64)
PDF (1161KB)

On a certain decision problem under some constraints
Ken-iti Inada (4, 65-82)

On a test in paired comparisons
Hirojiro Aoyama (4, 83-87)
PDF (618KB)

Some analysis on the intensity
Sigeki Nisihira (4, 89-94)
PDF (876KB)

On optimum balancing between sample size and number of strata in sub-sampling
Yasushi Taga (4, 95-102)
PDF (934KB)

A remark on the characterization of minimax procedures
H.S. Konijn (4, 103-105)

* Errata files are joined together with papers