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Vol.38 Contents (1986)

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No.1 (1986)

Some test statistics based on the martingale term of the empirical distribution function
Sigeo Aki (38, 1-21)
PDF (1503KB)

Moments of coverage of a random ellipsoid
Michael Evans (38, 23-33)
PDF (843KB)

Bhattacharyya bound of variances of unbiased estimators in nonregular cases
Masafumi Akahira, Madan L.Puri and Kei Takeuchi (38, 35-44)

Multiparameter estimation for some multivariate discrete distributions with possibly dependent components
Kam-Wah Tsui (38, 45-56)
PDF (1032KB)

Consistency conditions on the least squares estimator in single common factor analysis model
Yutaka Kano (38, 57-68)
PDF (744KB)

Asymptotic consistency of fixed-width sequential confidence intervals for a multiple regression function
Eiichi Isogai (38, 69-83)
PDF (954KB)

Simultaneous estimation of location parameters of the distribution with finite support
Toyoaki Akai (38, 85-99)
PDF (883KB)

Trimmed minimax estimator of a covariance matrix
Dipak K. Dey and C. Srinivasan (38, 101-108)
PDF (613KB)

Some properties of invariant polynomials with matrix arguments and their applications in econometrics
Yasuko Chikuse and A.W. Davis (38, 109-122)
PDF (1008KB)

Clustering estimates for spatial point distributions with unstable potentials
David J. Gates and Mark Westcott (38, 123-135)

A characterization of limiting distributions of estimators in an autoregressive process
Wei-Min Huang (38, 137-144)
PDF (751KB)

Block plan for a fractional 2m factorial design derived from a 2r factorial design
Teruhiro Shirakura (38, 145-159)
PDF (1301KB)

On the optimality of block designs
Gregory M. Constantine (38, 161-174)

No.2 (1986)

Time, space and incidence in general, with a consequent proof of the law of homeostasis
Edward W. Barankin (38, 175-194)

Inequalities for a distribution with monotone hazard rate
Ryoichi Shimizu (38, 195-204)
PDF (645KB)

Modified information criteria for a uniform approximate equivalence of probability distributions
T. Matsunawa (38, 205-222)
PDF (1213KB)

On generalized binomial and multinomial distributions and their relation to generalized Poisson distributions
John Panaretos and Evdokia Xekalaki (38, 223-231)
PDF (713KB)

A reinforcement-depletion urn model : A contiguity case
K.O. Bowman and L.R. Shenton (38, 233-243)
PDF (807KB)

Rates of uniform convergence of extreme order statistics
M. Falk (38, 245-262)
PDF (1201KB)

Some estimation theory on the sphere
G.S. Watson (38, 263-275)

Likelihood ratio tests for comparing k populations - The tow-parameter nonregular models
Shaul K. Bar-Lev and Benzion Boukai (38, 277-283)
PDF (505KB)

Some test statistics for the structural coefficients of the multivariate linear functional relationship model
Serge B. Provost (38, 285-296)
PDF (718KB)

On an autoregressive model with time-dependent coefficients
Gea Hwa Kwoun and Yoshihiro Yajima (38, 297-309)

Inference on superimposed subcritical Galton-Watson processes with immigration
K. Suresh Chandra and P. Koteeswaran (38, 311-318)

Criteria for selection of response variables and the asymptotic properties in a multivariate calibration
Ryuei Nishii (38, 319-329)
PDF (736KB)

Factorial orthogonality in the presence of covariates
Rahul Mukerjee and Haruo Yanai (38, 331-341)
PDF (820KB)

Optimal partially balanced fractional 2m1+m2 factorial designs of resolution IV
Masahide Kuwada (38, 343-351)
PDF (743KB)

Bayesian cohort models for general cohort table analyses
Takashi Nakamura (38, 353-370)
PDF (1215KB)

No.3 (1986)

Effects of transformations in higher order asymptotic expansions
Naoto Niki and Sadanori Konishi (38, 371-383)
PDF (826KB)

A projection method of estimation for a subfamily of exponential families
Shinto Eguchi (38, 385-398)
PDF (989KB)

Component risk in multiparameter estimation
Khursheed Alam and Amitava Mitra (38, 399-410)

On stable laws for estimating functions and derived estimators
Pranab Kumar Sen (38, 411-417)
PDF (585KB)

On the inadmissibility of preliminary-test estimators when the loss involves a complexity cost
Malay Ghosh and Dipak K. Dey (38, 419-427)
PDF (658KB)

Bootstrapped confidence bands for percentile lifetime
Bela Barabas, Miklos Csorgo, Lajos Horvath and Brian S. Yandell (38, 429-438)
PDF (719KB)

A note on bootstrapping the variance of sample quantile
Gutti Jogesh Babu (38, 439-443)
PDF (374KB)

\psi-correct decision for selection and elimination
Eve Bofinger (38, 445-450)
PDF (323KB)

The application of the principle of minimum cross-entropy to the characterization of the exponential-type probability distributions
Monica E. Bad Dumitrescu (38, 451-457)
PDF (501KB)

Selection of the number of regression variables ; A minimax choice of generalized FPE
Ritei Shibata (38, 459-474)
PDF (1169KB)

The weak convergence of least squares random fields and its application
B.L.S. Prakasa Rao (38, 475-483)
PDF (638KB)

Relative efficiencies of goodness of fit procedures for assessing univariate normality
James A. Koziol (38, 485-493)
PDF (924KB)

On the local minimaxity of a test of independence in incomplete samples
Rouh-jane Chou and Wen-da Lo (38, 495-502)

Asymptotic power comparison of the chi-square and likelihood ratio tests
Kenneth H. Sutrick (38, 503-511)

The asymptotic power of rank tests under scale-alternatives including contaminated distributions
Taka-aki Shiraishi (38, 513-522)
PDF (776KB)

A construction method of certain matrices required in the multivariate heteroscedastic method
Hiroto Hyakutake (38, 523-528)
PDF (394KB)

On the errors of misclassification based on dichotomous and normal variables
N. Balakrishnan, S. Kocherlakota and K. Kocherlakota (38, 529-538)

On the consistency and finite-sample properties of nonparametric kernel time series regression, autoregression and density estimators
P.M. Robinson (38, 539-549)
PDF (898KB)

Inequalities for ordered sums
H.A. David (38, 551-555)
PDF (385KB)

On discrete distributions of order k
Ch.A. Charalambides (38, 557-568)
PDF (786KB)

On the usage of refined linear models for determining n-way classification designs which are optimal for comparing test treatments with a standard treatment
Mike Jacroux (38, 569-581)
PDF (1055KB)

Golay code and random packing
Yoshiaki Itoh (38, 583-588)
PDF (516KB)

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