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Vol.37 Contents (1985)

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No.1 (1985)

The exact and approximate distributions of linear combinations of selected order statistics from a uniform distribution
T. Matsunawa (37, 1-16)
PDF (1083KB)

Estimation of a common parameter for pooled samples from the uniform distributions
Masafumi Akahira and Kei Takeuchi (37, 17-26)
PDF (572KB)

Limit theorems for the median deviation
Peter Hall and A.H. Welsh (37, 27-36)
PDF (634KB)

Simple linear approximations to the likelihood equation for combining evidence in multiple 2 × 2 tables : A critique of conventional procedures
Takemi Yanagimoto and Eiji Yamamoto (37, 37-49)
PDF (1209KB)

On the rate of convergence to normality for generalized linear rank statistics
Madan L. Puri and Munsup Seoh (37, 51-69)

Empirical Bayes estimation in a multiple linear regression model
R.S. Singh (37, 71-86)
PDF (1300KB)

Normalizing and variance stabilizing transformations for intraclass correlations
Sadanori Konishi (37, 87-94)
PDF (651KB)

Asymptotic expansions of the distributions of some test statistics
Takesi Hayakawa and Madan L. Puri (37, 95-108)

Asymptotic distribution theory of statistical functionals : The compact derivative approach for robust estimators
W. Esty, R. Gillette, M. Hamilton and D. Taylor (37, 109-129)

Asymptotic distribution theory for general statistical functionals
Donald C. Taylor (37, 131-138)

Connectedness of PBIB designs having asymmetrical association schemes
Sanpei Kageyama (37, 139-143)
PDF (465KB)

Some constructions of PBIB designs
Shakti Banerjee, Bhagwandas and S. Kageyama (37, 145-150)

A study of shifting models in life tests via Bayesian approach using semi-or-used priors (SOUPS)
G.S. Lingappaiah (37, 151-163)

Characterizations of life distributions from percentile residual lifetimes
Harry Joe (37, 165-172)
PDF (563KB)

The conjugate gradient method for computing all the extremal stationary probability vectors of a stochastic matrix
Kunio Tanabe (37, 173-187)
PDF (926KB)

Global analysis of continuous analogues of the Levenberg-Marquardt and Newton-Raphson methods for solving nonlinear equations
Kunio Tanabe (37, 189-203)
PDF (1161KB)

No.2 (1985)

Discrete distributions of order k on a binary sequence
Sigeo Aki (37, 205-224)
PDF (1412KB)

Construction of multivariate distributions with given marginals
Ludger Ruschendorf (37, 225-233)
PDF (709KB)

On estimating of the number of constituents of a finite mixture of continuous distributions
Jogi Henna (37, 235-240)
PDF (422KB)

Asymptotically minimum variance unbiased estimation for a class of power series distributions
A. Kyriakoussis (37, 241-250)
PDF (641KB)

On progressively truncated maximum likelihood estimators
Nobuo Inagaki and Pranab Kumar Sen (37, 251-269)
PDF (1305KB)

A penalty method for nonparametric estimation of the logarithmic derivative of a density function
Dennis D. Cox (37, 271-288)

Some extension on Haldane's multivariate median and its application
Takafumi Isogai (37, 289-301)
PDF (923KB)

Subset selection for the least probable multinomial cell
Pinyuen Chen (37, 303-314)
PDF (825KB)

The empirical Bayes rules with floating optimal sample size for exponential conditional distributions
Pekka Laippala (37, 315-327)
PDF (989KB)

Lattice square approach to construction of mutually orthogonal F-squares
B.L. Raktoe and W.T. Federer (37, 329-336)

A construction of balanced arrays of strength t and some related incomplete block designs
G.M. Saha and B.K. Samanta (37, 337-345)

Testing whether survival function is harmonic new better than used in expectation
A.P. Basu and Nader Ebrahimi (37, 347-359)

Some comments on a paper on k-HNBUE life distributions
Bengt Klefsjo (37, 361-364)
PDF (218KB)

Corrections to 'On K-order harmonic new better than used in expectation distributions' *
A.P. Basu and Nader Ebrahimi (37, 365-366)

Corrections to 'On the independence of interdeparture intervals from single server queueing systems' *
Toji Makino (37, 367)

Bayesian binary regression involving two explanatory variables
Yosiyuki Sakamoto and Makio Ishiguro (37, 369-387)
PDF (1886KB)

No.3 (1985)

Estimation of the degree of differencing of an ARIMA process
Yoshihiro Yajima (37, 389-408)
PDF (1304KB)

Some convergence theorems on a supercritical Galton-Watson process
P. Koteeswaran, K. Nanthi and K. Suresh Chandra (37, 409-414)

Optimal construction of a selection of a subpopulation
Kazuo Noda (37, 415-435)
PDF (1603KB)

Minimaxity of a preliminary test estimator for the mean of normal distribution
Yasushi Nagata and Taichi Inaba (37, 437-442)
PDF (464KB)

Fourier and Hermite series estimates of regression functions
Wlodzimierz Greblicki and Miroslaw Pawlak (37, 443-454)
PDF (747KB)

Unbiased sequential estimation of 1/p : Settlement of a conjecture
Bikas Kumar Sinha and Arup Bose (37, 455-460)

Mean integrated squared error of kernel estimators when the density and its derivative are not necessarily continuous
Constance van Eeden (37, 461-472)
PDF (752KB)

Distributions of maximum likelihood estimators of Lorenz curve and Gini index of exponential distribution
T.S.K. Moothathu (37, 473-479)

A randomized solution for multi-Bayes estimates of the multinormal mean
D.J. de Waal, P.C.N. Groenewald, J.M. van Zyl and J.V. Zidek (37, 481-486)
PDF (327KB)

Improved confidence set estimators of a multivariate normal mean and generalizations
Fanny Ki and Kam-Wah Tsui (37, 487-498)

On estimating a common multivariate normal mean vector
Wen-Jau Chiou and Arthur Cohen (37, 499-506)

Maximum likelihood prediction
Kenneth S. Kaminsky and Lennart S. Rhodin (37, 507-517)

Local powers of two-sample and multi-sample rank tests for Lehmann's contaminated alternative
Taka-aki Shiraishi (37, 519-527)
PDF (743KB)

Approximations to the distributions of ordered distance random variables
R.-D. Reiss (37, 529-533)
PDF (371KB)

A conditional limit construction of the normal probability density
B.S. Choi (37, 535-539)
PDF (374KB)

The distribution of the sum of independent gamma random variables
P.G. Moschopoulos (37, 541-544)
PDF (249KB)

Measures of location in the plane
David K. Blough (37, 545-555)
PDF (821KB)

Some E and MV-optimal designs for the two-way elimination of heterogeneity
Mike Jacroux (37, 557-566)
PDF (949KB)

* Errata files are joined together with papers