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Vol.36 Contents (1984)

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No.1 (1984)

A preliminary test procedure for the scale parameter of exponential distribution when the selection parameter is unknown
Katuomi Hirano (36, 1-9)
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Some data-analytic modifications to Bayes-Stein estimation
Tom Leonard (36, 11-21)
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General derivation of exact OC and ASN of SPRT when log of likelihood ratio takes only two integral multiples of a constant
Nozomu Matsubara (36, 23-33)

Rank procedures for testing subhypotheses in linear regression
Ching-Yuan Chiang and Madan L. Puri (36, 35-50)

A Bayes procedure for selecting the population with the largest pth quantile
Khursheed Alam (36, 51-58)

Closer asymptotic approximations for the distributions of the power divergence goodness-of-fit statistics
Timothy R.C. Read (36, 59-69)

Penultimate limiting forms in extreme value theory
M. Ivette Gomes (36, 71-85)

On k-order harmonic new better than used in expectation distributions
A.P. Basu and Nader Ebrahimi (36, 87-100)

Limit theorems on a linear explosive stochastic model for time series with moving average error
K. N. Venkataraman and K. Suresh Chandra (36, 101-118)

Asymptotic properties of the maximum likelihood estimate in the first order autoregressive process
Yasunori Fujikoshi and Yoshimichi Ochi (36, 119-128)
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Two inequalities with an application
C. G. Bhattacharya (36, 129-134)
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Changes in belief systems, quality of life issues and social conditions over 25 years in post-war Japan
Chikio Hayashi and Tatsuzo Suzuki (36, 135-161)
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Multi-sample cluster analysis using Akaike's information criterion
Hamparsum Bozdogan and Stanley L. Sclove (36, 163-180)

No.2 (1984)

A generalization of the relative conditional expectation - Further properties of Pitman's T* and their applications to statistics
Hisataka Kuboki (36, 181-197)
PDF (938KB)

A characterization of second order efficiency in a curved exponential family
Shinto Eguchi (36, 199-206)
PDF (511KB)

A minimax regret estimator of a normal mean after preliminary test
Koichi Inada (36, 207-215)
PDF (626KB)

Large sample properties of the MLE and MCLE for the natural parameter of a truncated exponential family
Shaul K. Bar-Lev (36, 217-222)
PDF (528KB)

Rank analogues of the likelihood ratio test for an ordered alternative in a two-way layout
Taka-aki Shiraishi (36, 223-237)
PDF (998KB)

On constrained maximum likelihood estimation with non-i.i.d. observations
Martin Crowder (36, 239-249)
PDF (998KB)

Robust slippage tests
Miyoshi Kimura (36, 251-270)
PDF (1528KB)

Extensions of Wilks' integral equations and distributions of test statistics
A. M. Mathai (36, 271-288)
PDF (1526KB)

Asymptotic linear prediction of extreme order statistics
H. N. Nagaraja (36, 289-299)
PDF (873KB)

Limiting distribution of sums of nonnegative stationary random variables
Simeon M. Berman (36, 301-321)
PDF (1527KB)

A robustness study in sampling on successive occasions
M. C. Agrawal (36, 323-335)
PDF (1283KB)

On Benford's law
Kenji Nagasaka (36, 337-352)
PDF (1018KB)

Random collision model for random genetic drift and stochastic difference equation
Yoshiaki Itoh (36, 353-362)
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No.3 (1984)

The maximum full and partial likelihood estimators in the proportional hazard model
Takemi Yanagimoto and Toshinari Kamakura (36, 363-373)
PDF (914KB)

Existence theorems of a maximum likelihood estimate from a generalized censored data sample
Tadashi Nakamura (36, 375-393)
PDF (1647KB)

Estimation of a random coefficient model under linear stochastic constraints
V.K. Srivastava, Baldev Raj and Kuldeep Kumar (36, 395-401)

Kernel estimation and interpolation for time series containing missing observations
P.M. Robinson (36, 403-417)
PDF (1110KB)

Asymptotic bias of the least squares estimator for multivariate autoregressive models
Taku Yamamoto and Naoto Kunitomo (36, 419-430)
PDF (718KB)

On discrete distributions of order k
Sigeo Aki, Hisataka Kuboki and Katuomi Hirano (36, 431-440)
PDF (710KB)

Strong unimodality and scale mixtures
Wei-Yin Low (36, 441-449)

A note on equal distributions
Gwo Dong Lin (36, 451-453)
PDF (198KB)

Speed of convergence in nonparametric kernel estimation of a regression function and its derivatives
Alexander A. Georgiev (36, 455-462)

Semi-aligned rank tests
Taka-aki Shiraishi (36, 463-473)
PDF (913KB)

Moments of a statistic caused by random combinations or random matings
Shinji Azuma, Kenji Hayashi and Akio Kudo (36, 475-479)
PDF (389KB)

Variance functions for m-grouped cylindrically rotatable designs of type 3
S. Huda (36, 481-483)
PDF (183KB)

A decision-theoretic approach to some screening problems
Ulrich Menzefricke (36, 485-497)
PDF (1148KB)

Betweenness for real vectors and lines, III Alternative characterizations of betweennesses
Edward W. Barankin and Koiti Takahasi (36, 499-520)

Corrections to 'Some properties of the risk set in multiple decision problems' *
Masakatsu Murakami (36, 521)

A Bayesian approach to the probability density estimation
Makio Ishiguro and Yosiyuki Sakamoto (36, 523-538)
PDF (1215KB)

Correction to ' Multi-sample cluster analysis using Akaike's information criterion' *
Hamparsum Bozdogan and Stanley L. Sclove (36, 539)

* Errata files are joined together with papers