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Vol.35 Contents (1983)

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No.1 (1983)

Differential geometry of Edgeworth expansions in curved exponential family
Shun-ichi Amari and Masayuki Kumon (35, 1-24)
PDF (1692KB)

A class of admissible estimators of a finite population total
K.W. Tsui (35, 25-30)
PDF (424KB)

The asymptotic expansion as well as the exact moments of the Stein estimator when the population means are nearly equal
A.J. van der Merwe (35, 31-39)
PDF (481KB)

On the 'confidence bounds' of the ratio of the means of a bivariate normal distribution
Junjiro Ogawa (35, 41-48)

Accurate confidence intervals for distributions with one parameter
C.S. Withers (35, 49-61)
PDF (708KB)

Some tests with unbalanced data from a bivariate normal population
S.K. Sarkar, B.K. Sinha and P.R. Krishnaiah (35, 63-75)

An approach to defining the pattern of interaction effects in a two-way layout
C. Hirotsu (35, 77-90)
PDF (1155KB)

On a characteristic property of the uniform distribution
R. Shimizu and J.S. Huang (35, 91-94)
PDF (258KB)

Characterizations of discrete distributions by a conditional distribution and a regression function
T. Cacoullos and H. Papageorgiou (35, 95-103)
PDF (608KB)

A method associated with characterizations of the exponential distribution
L.B. Klebanov and J.A. Melamed (35, 105-114)

A Bayesian approach to binary response curve estimation
Makio Ishiguro and Yosiyuki Sakamoto (35, 115-137)
PDF (2644KB)

No.2 (1983)

On minimum information prior distributions
Hirotugu Akaike (35, 139-149)
PDF (1004KB)

The decomposition of the Fisher information
Nobuo Inagaki (35, 151-165)
PDF (880KB)

On a noninformative prior distribution for Bayesian inference of multinomial distribution's parameters
Shintaro Sono (35, 167-174)
PDF (496KB)

Some properties of the risk set in multiple decision problems
Masakatsu Murakami (35, 175-183)
PDF (521KB)

On an approximation for a multi-stage decision problem
Shintaro Sono (35, 185-191)
PDF (413KB)

An admissible estimator in the one-parameter exponential family with ambiguous information
Yasushi Nagata (35, 193-199)
PDF (443KB)

Estimation of frequency by random sampling
Y. Isokawa (35, 201-213)
PDF (1002KB)

An orthogonal series estimate of time-varying regression
Wlodzimierz Greblicki, Danuta Rutkowska and Leszek Rutkowski (35, 215-228)

A note on a consistent estimator of a mixing distribution function
Jogi Henna (35, 229-233)
PDF (316KB)

A minimax result related to Stein's effect
Sam Gutmann (35, 235-241)
PDF (413KB)

A decomposition of the beta distribution, related order and asymptotic behavior
Julian Keilson and Ushio Sumita (35, 243-253)

Inequalities for functions of order statistics under an additive model
Norman L. Smith and Y.L. Tong (35, 255-265)

The future occurrence of records
Ian R. Dunsmore (35, 267-277)
PDF (821KB)

Infinite divisibility, completeness and regression properties of the univariate generalized Waring distribution
Evdokia Xekalaki (35, 279-289)
PDF (763KB)

Stratified rejection and squeeze method for generating beta random numbers
H. Sakasegawa (35, 291-302)
PDF (810KB)

No.3 (1983)

Large sample theory for distributions on the hypersphere with rotational symmetries
Geoffrey S. Watson (35, 303-319)

Joint moments of the number of + runs and the number of + signs in a random sequence
Eiji Yamamoto, Kazumasa Wakimoto and Seiji Nabeya (35, 321-328)

Uniform asymptotic joint normality of a set of increasing number of sample quantiles
Sadao Ikeda and Yoshiyuki Nonaka (35, 329-341)

A note on uniform approximation to distributions of extreme order statistics
W. Kohne and R.-D. Reiss (35, 343-345)

Quadratic forms of a matric-t variate
D.G. Marx (35, 347-353)

Completeness and self-decomposability of mixtures
M.H. Alamatsaz (35, 355-363)
PDF (739KB)

Admissibility of some preliminary test estimators for the mean of normal distribution
Yasushi Nagata (35, 365-373)
PDF (663KB)

Lower bound of risk in linear unbiased estimation and its application
Czeslaw Stepniak (35, 375-378)
PDF (301KB)

Simultaneous estimation of parameters in exponential families
Malay Ghosh and Richard Auer (35, 379-387)

Nonparametric Bayesian estimation of a survival curve with dependent censoring mechanism
E.G. Phadia and V. Susarla (35, 389-400)

On Lp-convergence rates for statistical functions with application to L-estimates
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (35, 401-406)
PDF (408KB)

On the most powerful quantile test of the scale parameter
Smiley W. Cheng (35, 407-414)
PDF (497KB)

Asymptotic mean efficiency of a selection of regression variables
Ritei Shibata (35, 415-423)
PDF (710KB)

The least squares estimation of the transition probabilities of binary processes on the basis of sample paths
Hirohisa Kishino (35, 425-438)
PDF (900KB)

Density estimation for linear processes
Kamal C. Chanda (35, 439-446)
PDF (565KB)

Note on the construction of optimum chemical balance weighing designs
S. Kageyama and G.M. Saha (35, 447-452)

The polytopal association scheme
C.D. O'Shaughnessy, Abdul Hoque, D.C. Frank and Hee Tang Ooi (35, 453-459)

Optimal allocation of units in experimental designs with hierarchical and cross classification
Czeslaw Stepniak (35, 461-473)
PDF (840KB)

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