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Vol.33 Contents (1981)

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No.1 (1981)

Asymptotic distribution of a Cramer-von Mises type statistic for testing symmetry when the center is estimated
Sigeo Aki (33, 1-14)
PDF (1662KB)

Asymptotic distribution of a generalized Hotelling's T02 in the doubly non-central case
Takesi Hayakawa (33, 15-25)
PDF (1288KB)

Improved approximations to distributions of the largest and the smallest latent roots of a Wishart matrix
Sadanori Konishi and Takakazu Sugiyama (33, 27-33)
PDF (1081KB)

Distribution of the canonical correlation matrix
A.M. Mathai (33, 35-43)
PDF (1365KB)

On the exact non-null distribution of Wilks' LVC criterion and power studies
K.C.S. Pillai and Anita Singh (33, 45-55)

Bivariate inverse Gaussian distribution
Essam K. Al-Hussaini and Nagi S. Abd-El-Hakim (33, 57-66)

The set-compound one-stage estimation in the nonregular family of distributions over the interval [\theta, \theta+1)
Yoshiko Nogami (33, 67-80)
PDF (1837KB)

Bayes estimation with spherically symmetric, convex loss
Dale Umbach (33, 81-90)
PDF (1231KB)

Invariant prediction rules and an adequate statistic
Yoshikazu Takada (33, 91-100)
PDF (1559KB)

Asymptotic behavior of difference between a finite predictor and an infinite predictor for a weakly stationary stochastic process
Akio Arimoto (33, 101-113)
PDF (1511KB)

An ordering relation of the blocking two-stage tandem queueing system to the reduced single server queueing system
Genji Yamazaki (33, 115-123)
PDF (1261KB)

A characterization of the logistic distribution by a sample median
E. Olusegun George and Govind S. Mudholkar (33, 125-129)

On a 'lack of memory' property
J.S. Huang (33, 131-134)
PDF (555KB)

A note on the median of a distribution
Dale Umbach (33, 135-140)
PDF (847KB)

Some bounds for partially balanced block designs
Sanpei Kageyama (33, 141-153)
PDF (1690KB)

On the comparison of PBIB designs with two associate classes
Ching-Shui Cheng (33, 155-164)
PDF (1793KB)

Sampling for estimating weighted totals and averages
Shambhu Dayal (33, 165-176)

No.2 (1981)

The generalized hypergeometric family of distributions
Masaaki Sibuya and Ryoichi Shimizu (33, 177-190)
PDF (2095KB)

On the joint distribution of two discrete random variables
John Panaretos (33, 191-198)
PDF (1120KB)

Stability theorems for some characterizations of the exponential distribution
Donald St. P. Richards (33, 199-204)
PDF (788KB)

An integrated lack of memory characterization of the exponential distribution
E. Grosswald and Samuel Kotz (33, 205-214)

Simultaneous estimation of several Poisson parameters under squared error loss
Kam-Wah Tsui (33, 215-223)
PDF (1524KB)

On a class of almost unbiased ratio estimators
T.J. Rao (33, 225-231)
PDF (1037KB)

On the convergence of kernel estimators of probability density functions
Albert E. Rust and Chris P. Tsokos (33, 233-246)

A note on nonparametric density estimation for dependent variables using a delta sequence
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (33, 247-254)
PDF (1232KB)

Asymptotic efficiency of rank tests of randomness against autocorrelation
R.J. Aiyar (33, 255-262)

Some limit theorems on an explosive model for time series, and their statistical applications
K.N. Venkataraman (33, 263-278)

The power of the likelihood ratio test for additional information in a multivariate linear model
Yasunori Fujikoshi (33, 279-285)
PDF (1067KB)

The distribution of product of independent beta random variables with application to multivariate analysis
R.P. Bhargava and C.G. Khatri (33, 287-296)

On the construction of a class of invariant polynomials in several matrices, extending the zonal polynomials
A.W. Davis (33, 297-313)
PDF (2516KB)

Estimation of interaction potentials of spatial point patterns through the maximum likelihood procedure
Yosihiko Ogata and Masaharu Tanemura (33, 315-338)
PDF (3241KB)

No.3 (1981)

On the stability of characterizations of the exponential distribution
Ryoichi Shimizu (33, 339-346)
PDF (1020KB)

Characterization of dependence concepts in normal distributions
Ludger Ruschendorf (33, 347-359)
PDF (1944KB)

A modified power series distribution
T. Lwin (33, 361-374)

Mixing normal approximations of vectors of sums and maximum sums
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (33, 375-383)
PDF (1169KB)

On positive definite quadratic forms in correlated t variables
Ulrich Menzefricke (33, 385-390)
PDF (852KB)

Asymptotic behavior of functionals of empirical distribution functions for the two-sample problem
Sigeo Aki (33, 391-403)
PDF (1767KB)

Some local limit theorems in the symmetric Dirichlet-Multinomial urn models
Wen Chen Chen (33, 405-415)

Strong approximation of empirical Kac processes
Sandor Csorgo (33, 417-423)

Maximal deviation theory of some estimators of prior distribution functions
J. Blum and V. Susarla (33, 425-436)

Some finite sample results for the selection differential
H.N. Nagaraja (33, 437-448)
PDF (1625KB)

Large sample properties of Jaeckel's adaptive trimmed mean
Peter Hall (33, 449-462)
PDF (2138KB)

Linear combination of concomitants of order statistics with application to testing and estimation
Shie-Shien Yang (33, 463-470)
PDF (1446KB)

On the indifference zone approach to selection - A consistency result
Paul D. Feigin and Ishay Weissman (33, 471-474)
PDF (580KB)

Comparison of relative risk, attributable risk and logistic response procedures for 2×2×2 and c 2×2×2 contingency tables
Masanori Otake (33, 475-486)
PDF (2037KB)

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