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Vol.32 Contents (1980)

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No.1 (1980)

Functional equation with an error term and the stability of some characterizations of the exponential distribution
Ryoichi Shimizu (32, 1-16)
PDF (2050KB)

On a functional equation in the theory of linear statistics
Thomas Brandhofe and Laurie Davies (32, 17-23)

Multivariate digamma distribution
Masaaki Sibuya (32, 25-36)
PDF (1603KB)

Bounds on the joint distribution of T02 statistics
D.R. Jensen (32, 37-42)

Testing significance of a mean vector - A possible alternative to Hotelling's T2
Govind S. Mudholkar and Perla Subbaiah (32, 43-52)

On a stochastic game with one-chance recovery
Giitiro Suzuki (32, 53-64)
PDF (1272KB)

A class of spectral density estimators
Gilbert G. Walter (32, 65-80)
PDF (2379KB)

On prediction of integrated moving average processes
Yoshihiro Yajima (32, 81-94)
PDF (2221KB)

Nonexistence of complete sufficient statistics for stationary k-state Markov chains, k ge 3
A.L. Wright (32, 95-97)
PDF (427KB)

The split hypercubic association scheme
Audrey I. Duthie (32, 99-106)

Characterization of certain balanced n-ary block designs
Sanpei Kageyama (32, 107-110)
PDF (513KB)

An alternative to ratio method in sample surveys
T. Srivenkataramana and D.S. Tracy (32, 111-120)

A note on minimum distance estimates
Constantine A. Drossos and Andreas N. Philippou (32, 121-123)
PDF (370KB)

Comparison of time risks based on a multinomial logistic response model in longitudinal studies
Masanori Otake (32, 125-142)
PDF (2714KB)

No.2 (1980)

Further modified forms of binomial and Poisson distributions
Giitiro Suzuki (32, 143-159)
PDF (1986KB)

On a generalization of the logistic distribution
E. Olusegun George and M.O. Ojo (32, 161-169)

Ignorance prior distribution of a hyperparameter and Stein's estimator
Hirotugu Akaike (32, 171-178)
PDF (1373KB)

When is the pseudo-best estimator BLUE?
Wulf Rehder (32, 179-185)

On the uniform complete convergence of estimates for multivariate density functions and regression curves
K.F. Cheng and R.L. Taylor (32, 187-199)
PDF (1898KB)

On sequential point estimation of the mean of a normal distribution
Hisao Nagao and Michio Takada (32, 201-210)

On the Chernoff-Savage theorem for dependent sequences
Ibrahim A. Ahmad and Pi-Erh Lin (32, 211-222)
PDF (1897KB)

Nonparametric estimation of an affinity measure between two absolutely continuous distributions with hypotheses testing applications
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (32, 223-240)
PDF (2547KB)

Nonparametric estimation of Matusita's measure of affinity between absolutely continuous distributions
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (32, 241-245)
PDF (708KB)

Distribution of a distance function
A.H. Khan and Mohd. Yaqub (32, 247-253)

Robustness of connected balanced block designs
Sanpei Kageyama (32, 255-261)
PDF (1207KB)

Characterization of equireplicated variance-balanced block designs
Sanpei Kageyama and Takumi Tsuji (32, 263-273)
PDF (1778KB)

Designs of \Phi-optimal control for second-order processes
Der-Shin Chang and Yuang-Chin Chiang (32, 275-281)

Perturbations of countable Markov chains and processes
R.L. Tweedie (32, 283-290)
PDF (1234KB)

Dose-response problems in drug-induced diseases after consecutive intake of long duration
Siro Yamazoe, Kazuo Fukutomi and Takemi Yanagimoto (32, 291-301)
PDF (1556KB)

Sun chart method for looking multivariate data
Kazumasa Wakimoto (32, 303-310)

No.3 (1980)

On the use of the predictive likelihood of a Gaussian model
Hirotugu Akaike (32, 311-324)
PDF (2657KB)

Comparison of tails of distributions in models for estimating safe doses
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masaaki Sibuya (32, 325-340)
PDF (2684KB)

Asymptotic normality of a quadratic measure of orthogonal series type density estimate
Jugal Ghorai (32, 341-350)
PDF (1160KB)

Estimating a density on the positive half line by the method of orthogonal series
Peter Hall (32, 351-362)
PDF (1693KB)

Linear prediction of record values for the two parameter exponential distribution
M. Ahsanullah (32, 363-368)
PDF (627KB)

On stopping times of sequential estimations of the mean of a log-normal distribution
Hisao Nagao (32, 369-375)
PDF (986KB)

The minimum probability on an interval when the mean and variance are known
Morris Skibinsky (32, 377-385)
PDF (1142KB)

Dominance of double k-class estimators in simultaneous equations
V.K. Srivastava, B.S. Agnihotri and T.D. Dwivedi (32, 387-392)

Fitting autoregression with regularly missed observations
Hideaki Sakai (32, 393-400)
PDF (1142KB)

On selection of the order of the spectral density model for a stationary process
Masanobu Taniguchi (32, 401-419)
PDF (2452KB)

Selection of certain dichotomous experiments
Chandra M. Gulati (32, 421-431)
PDF (1610KB)

On allocation of sample using estimates of both proportions of stratum sizes and standard deviations
Shambhu Dayal (32, 433-444)

Construction of partially balanced n-ary designs using difference sets
V.S.Soundara Pandian (32, 445-464)

Comparisons of models for estimation of safe doses using measures of the heaviness of tail of a distribution
Takemi Yanagimoto and David G. Hoel (32, 465-480)

Trend estimation with missing observations
Hirotugu Akaike and Makio Ishiguro (32, 481-488)
PDF (996KB)

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