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Vol.31 Contents (1979)

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No.1 (1979)

On the empirical Bayes approach to classification in the case of discrete multivariate distribution having only finite mass points
Hirosi Hudimoto (31, 1-7)
PDF (1071KB)

Nonparametric tests for scalar profile analysis of several multivariate samples
V.P. Bhapkar (31, 9-20)

Asymptotic expansion of the log-likelihood function based on stopping times defined on a Markov process
M.G. Akritas and G.G. Roussas (31, 21-38)
PDF (2540KB)

Discretized likelihood methods - Asymptotic properties of discretized likelihood estimators (DLE's)
Masafumi Akahira and Kei Takeuchi (31, 39-56)
PDF (2506KB)

Alias balanced and alias partially balanced fractional 2m factorial designs of resolution 2l+1
Teruhiro Shirakura (31, 57-65)
PDF (1502KB)

Some concepts of positive dependence for bivariate interchangeable distributions
Moshe Shaked (31, 67-84)
PDF (3282KB)

Exact robustness studies of the test of independence based on four multivariate criteria and their distribution problems under violations
K.C.S. Pillai and Yu-Sheng Hsu (31, 85-101)

Existence of MLEs for discrete linear exponential models
M. Aickin (31, 103-113)

Optimal scaling for arbitrarily ordered categories
Yutaka Tanaka (31, 115-124)
PDF (1494KB)

Multi-folding the normal distribution and mutual transformation between uniform and normal random variables
Naoto Niki (31, 125-140)
PDF (2009KB)

A note on ratio and product type estimators
S.K. Ray, Ashok Sahai and Ajit Sahai (31, 141-144)

Maximum likelihood estimation of Hawkes' self-exciting point processes
T. Ozaki (31, 145-155)
PDF (1407KB)

A random packing model for elections
Yoshiaki Itoh and Sumie Ueda (31, 157-167)
PDF (1235KB)

No.2 (1979)

The k-extended set-compound estimation problem in a nonregular family of distributions over [\theta,\theta+1)
Yoshiko Nogami (31, 169-176)
PDF (1144KB)

Stein's positive part estimator and Bayes estimator
Yoshikazu Takada (31, 177-183)
PDF (779KB)

Power comparisons of two-sided tests of equality of two covariance matrices based on six criteria
S.Sylvia Chu and K.C.S. Pillai (31, 185-205)

Calculation of zonal polynomials of 3×3 positive definite symmetric matrices
Rameshwar D. Gupta and Donald Richards (31, 207-213)
PDF (1037KB)

The distribution and the exact percentage points for Wilks' Lmvc criterion
A.M. Mathai and R.S. Katiyar (31, 215-224)
PDF (1353KB)

Double stage estimation of population variance
B.N. Pandey (31, 225-233)
PDF (1007KB)

Subset selection procedures for restricted families of probability distributions
Shanti S. Gupta and Ming-Wei Lu (31, 235-252)

On statistical inference in sample surveys and the underlying role of randomization
J.C. Koop (31, 253-269)
PDF (3586KB)

A continuous form of post-stratification
David R. Brillinger (31, 271-277)
PDF (1070KB)

Strong consistency of density estimation by orthogonal series methods for dependent variables with applications
Ibrahim A. Ahmad (31, 279-288)
PDF (1240KB)

On the relation between Matusita's and Kolmogorov's measures of distance
S.N.U.A. Kirmani (31, 289-291)

Mathematical expression of an inequality for a block design
Sanpei Kageyama (31, 293-298)
PDF (926KB)

On Bahadur's representation of sample quantiles
Laurens de Haan and Elselien Taconis-Haantjes (31, 299-308)
PDF (1386KB)

On a lack of memory property of the exponential distribution
R. Shimizu (31, 309-313)
PDF (697KB)

On large deviations and density functions
Timothy J. Killeen (31, 315-317)
PDF (390KB)

Nonexistence of estimates which minimize \bf{x}'V^{-1}\bf{x} in an exponential type of stationary time series
Toshinao Nakatsuka (31, 319-320)
PDF (154KB)

A note on the moments of order statistics from doubly truncated exponential distribution
P.C. Joshi (31, 321-324)
PDF (474KB)

A new statistical method to estimate the size of animal population - Estimation of population size of hare -
Chikio Hayashi, Tsutomu Komazawa and Fumi Hayashi (31, 325-348)
PDF (4358KB)

Corrections to 'Multi-folding the normal distribution and mutual transformation between uniform and normal random variables' *
Naoto Niki (31, 349)

On random complete packing by discs
Masaharu Tanemura (31, 351-365)
PDF (2851KB)

No.3 (1979)

A characterization of the exponential distribution
R. Shimizu (31, 367-372)
PDF (849KB)

Generalized hypergeometric, digamma and trigamma distributions
Masaaki Sibuya (31, 373-390)
PDF (2650KB)

Bayesian approach to prediction and the spacings in the exponential distribution
G.S. Lingappaiah (31, 391-401)

Asymptotic optimality of the generalized Bayes estimator in multiparameter cases
Kei Takeuchi and Masafumi Akahira (31, 403-415)
PDF (1819KB)

Extension of the inequality for the variance of an estimator by Bayesian process
Antonio Dorival Campos (31, 417-421)
PDF (542KB)

Some new properties of the Bechhofer-Kiefer-Sobel stopping rule
Y.L. Tong (31, 423-433)
PDF (1513KB)

Estimating an interaction parameter of an infinite particle system
Philip McDunnough (31, 435-443)

The distribution of the characteristic roots of \bf{S}_1\bf{S}_2^{-1} under violations in the complex case and power comparisons of four tests
K.C.S. Pillai and Yu-Sheng Hsu (31, 445-463)

Invariant polynomials with two matrix arguments extending the zonal polynomials : Applications to multivariate distribution theory
A.W. Davis (31, 465-485)
PDF (2896KB)

On some sampling schemes for estimating the parameters of a continuous time series
Philip McDunnough and David B. Wolfson (31, 487-497)

The equivalence between (modified) Bayes estimator and maximum likelihood estimator for Markov processes
B.L.S. Prakasa Rao (31, 499-513)
PDF (2006KB)

Correction to 'Asymptotically most powerful rank tests for regression parameters in MANOVA' *
M.S. Srivastava (31, 515-516)

* Errata files are joined together with papers