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Vol.29 Contents (1977)

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No.1 (1977)

A randomized response technique without making use of any randomizing device
Koiti Takahasi and Hirotaka Sakasegawa (29, 1-8)
PDF (1145KB)

An objective use of Bayesian models
Hirotugu Akaike (29, 9-20)
PDF (2376KB)

Estimation procedures based on preliminary test, shrinkage technique and information criterion
Katuomi Hirano (29, 21-34)
PDF (2256KB)

Two problems in multivariate analysis : BLUS residuals and testability of linear hypothesis
Somesh Das Gupta (29, 35-41)
PDF (1063KB)

A unified approach to coordinate-free multivariate analysis
M. Stone (29, 43-57)
PDF (2621KB)

On correct selection for a ranking problem
W.K. Chiu (29, 59-66)
PDF (1391KB)

An approximation formula L_q \backsimeq \alpha \cdot \rho ^{\beta}/(1-\rho)
Hirotaka Sakasegawa (29, 67-75)
PDF (1286KB)

On the asymptotic distribution of the maximum of sums of a random number of I.I.D. random variables
Prem S. Puri (29, 77-87)

Some bounds on the distribution functions of linear combinations and applications
Govind S. Mudholkar and Siddhartha R. Dalal (29, 89-100)

A spectral limit theorem on a non-linear stochastic process with non-additive, independent, linear components
K.N. Venkataraman (29, 101-118)

Higher moments of moment estimators and even point estimators for the parameters of the Hermit distribution
Y.C. Patel (29, 119-130)

No.2 (1977)

Two errors in statistical model fitting
Nobuo Inagaki (29, 131-152)
PDF (2786KB)

An extension of the method of maximum likelihood and the Stein's problem
Hirotugu Akaike (29, 153-164)
PDF (2520KB)

The weak convergence of the likelihood ratio random fields for Markov observations
Yosihiko Ogata and Nobuo Inagaki (29, 165-187)
PDF (3156KB)

Cramer-type conditions and quadratic mean differentiability
Bruce Lind and George Roussas (29, 189-201)

Asymptotic properties of the maximum probability estimates in Markov processes
George G. Roussas (29, 203-219)
PDF (2489KB)

Asymptotic expansions for the joint and marginal distributions of the latent roots of S1S2-1
Yasuko Chikuse (29, 221-233)
PDF (2124KB)

Asymptotic expansions for the distributions of latent roots of ShSe-1 and of certain test statistics in MANOVA
Takafumi Isogai (29, 235-246)
PDF (1506KB)

Covariance adjusted discriminant functions
Peter A. Lachenbruch (29, 247-257)
PDF (2725KB)

Inference concerning the population correlation coefficient from bivariate normal samples based on minimal observations
G.Baikunth Nath (29, 259-273)

Decomposition of infinitely divisible characteristic functions without Gaussian component
Shigeru Mase (29, 275-286)
PDF (2098KB)

Whitworth runs on a circle
M.A. Stephens (29, 287-293)
PDF (1184KB)

On methods for generating uniform random points on the surface on a sphere
Yoshihiro Tashiro (29, 295-300)
PDF (765KB)

On the existence of search designs with continuous factors
J.N. Srivastava and S. Ghosh (29, 301-306)
PDF (1071KB)

On the independence of interdeparture intervals from single server queueing systems
Toji Makino (29, 307-315)
PDF (1024KB)

Corrections to 'Estimation procedures based on preliminary test, shrinkage technique and information criterion' *
Katuomi Hirano (29, 317)

On a search procedure for the optimal AR-MA order
Genshiro Kitagawa (29, 319-332)
PDF (2080KB)

No.3 (1977)

Approximations to the probabilities of binomial and multinomial random variables and chi-square type statistics
T. Matsunawa (29, 333-358)
PDF (3660KB)

The likelihood ratio criterion and the asymptotic expansion of its distribution
Takesi Hayakawa (29, 359-378)
PDF (2519KB)

An asymptotic expansion for the distributions of the latent roots of the Wishart matrix with multiple population roots
Y. Fujikoshi (29, 379-387)
PDF (1169KB)

Asymptotic expansion for the distribution of a function of latent roots of the covariance matrix
Sadanori Konishi (29, 389-396)
PDF (1169KB)

Extension of Edgeworth type expansion of the distribution of the sums of I.I.D. random variables in non-regular cases
Kei Takeuchi and Masafumi Akahira (29, 397-406)
PDF (1280KB)

Regions of autocorrelation coefficients and of their estimators in a stationary time series
Toshinao Nakatsuka (29, 407-414)
PDF (1169KB)

On a spectral estimate obtained by an autoregressive model fitting
Mituaki Huzii (29, 415-431)
PDF (2234KB)

On linear classification procedures between two categories with known mean vectors and covariance matrices
Akihiro Nishi (29, 433-444)
PDF (1937KB)

Inequalities and an approximation formula for the mean delay time in tandem queueing systems
Hirotaka Sakasegawa and Genji Yamazaki (29, 445-466)
PDF (3516KB)

Estimation of the response curve in radioligand assays
D.J. Finney (29, 467-477)
PDF (2203KB)

Build-up of the notion of flanking
Edward W. Barankin (29, 479-507)

Correction to 'Properties of duality in tandem queueing systems' *
Genji Yamazaki and Hirotaka Sakasegawa (29, 509)

Migration and prefectural identification in four Japanese prefectures
Tatsuzo Suzuki and Ted T. Jitodai (29, 511-525)

* Errata files are joined together with papers