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Vol.28 Contents (1976)

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No.1 (1976)

Orthogonal mesh sampling method - A new Monte Carlo technique -
Hirotaka Sakasegawa (28, 1-7)
PDF (1007KB)

On characterizations of unimodality of discrete distributions
S.W. Dharmadhikari and Kumar Jogdeo (28, 9-18)

Asymptotic behaviour of maxima with periodic disturbances
J. Tiago De Oliveira (28, 19-23)

Further results on simultaneous confidence intervals for the normal distribution
R. Srinivasan and R.M. Wharton (28, 25-33)

On the asymptotic efficiency of estimators in an autoregressive process
Masafumi Akahira (28, 35-48)
PDF (1975KB)

Asymptotic properties of dynamic stochastic parameter estimates (I)
Bernt P. Stigum (28, 49-75)

Adaptive estimates for autoregressive processes
Rudolf Beran (28, 77-89)
PDF (2078KB)

Spectral analysis for a random process on the sphere
Roch Roy (28, 91-97)
PDF (1194KB)

On the existence of a random solution to a nonlinear perturbed stochastic integral equation
A.N.V. Rao and Chris P. Tsokos (28, 99-109)

A note on the Tukey-Hooke variance component results
James N. Arvesen (28, 111-121)

Correction to 'On a stochastic inequality for the Wilks statistic' *
A.K. Gupta (28, 123)

No.2 (1976)

Bayes theorem, information number and behavior of posterior distributions
Nozomu Matsubara (28, 125-144)

On the reduction to a complete class in multiple decision problems
Masakatsu Murakami (28, 145-165)
PDF (2637KB)

Some Bayesian considerations of the choice of design for ranking, selection and estimation
G.C. Tiao and B. Afonja (28, 167-185)

Partial differential equations for hypergeometric functions of complex argument matrices and their applications
Yasuko Chikuse (28, 187-199)
PDF (1919KB)

Characterizations of the Wishart distribution using regression properties
F.S. Gordon and S.P. Gordon (28, 201-220)

Estimation of a regression function by the Parzen kernel-type density estimators
Kazuo Noda (28, 221-234)
PDF (1814KB)

Hodges-Lehmann estimate of the location parameter in censored samples
A.K.Md.Ehsanes Saleh (28, 235-247)
PDF (1888KB)

Approximately minimax tests for testing hypotheses about a random parameter with unknown distribution
Bimal Kumar Sinha (28, 249-258)
PDF (1402KB)

On the multivariate k-sample problem and the generalization of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov-test
R. Ahmad (28, 259-265)

The Smirnov distribution
P.J. Kim (28, 267-275)

Equitable quality level and error-areas under the operating characteristic curves of normal single sampling inspection plans (with \sigma known)
M.T. Subrahmanya (28, 277-290)

Some inequalities based on inverse factorial series
T. Matsunawa (28, 291-305)
PDF (1721KB)

A note on distribution-free confidence bounds for P(X lt Y) when X and Y are dependent
Z. Govindarajulu (28, 307-308)
PDF (203KB)

No.3 (1976)

The new test criterion for the homogeneity of parameters of several populations
Takesi Hayakawa (28, 309-328)
PDF (2569KB)

Isotonic tests for spread and tail
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masaaki Sibuya (28, 329-342)
PDF (2425KB)

On the existence of maximum probability estimators
Horst Wegner (28, 343-347)

On asymptotic properties of the maximum likelihood estimates of the general growth curve model
S.R. Chakravorti (28, 349-357)
PDF (1186KB)

Asymptotically efficient estimators when the densities of the observations have discontinuities
J. Wolfowitz (28, 359-370)

On a new method of testing statistical hypotheses
G. Trenkler (28, 371-384)
PDF (1491KB)

A lower bound on Bayes risk in classification problems
S.N.U.A. Kirmani (28, 385-387)

Rates in the empirical Bayes estimation problem with non-identical components - case of normal distributions -
Thomas E. O'Bryan and V. Susarla (28, 389-397)

Moments of the time to generate random variables by rejection
J. Arthur Greenwood (28, 399-401)
PDF (372KB)

Properties of some test criteria for covariance matrix
Hisao Nagao (28, 403-409)
PDF (1047KB)

Two-stage and three-stage least squares estimation of dispersion matrix of disturbances in simultaneous equations
V.K. Srivastava and Ramji Tiwari (28, 411-428)

Certain estimation problems for multivariate hypergeometric models
K.G. Janardan (28, 429-444)
PDF (2138KB)

Stratified simple random sampling and prior distributions
V.Nagi Reddy (28, 445-459)

Bias reduction and efficiency of reconstructed ratio estimators for a finite universe
J.C. Koop (28, 461-467)
PDF (1086KB)

On identically distributed linear statistics
Laurie Davies and Ryoichi Shimizu (28, 469-489)
PDF (2915KB)

Characterizing the Pareto and power distributions
A.C. Dallas (28, 491-497)
PDF (1077KB)

The asymptotic normality of certain combinatorial distributions
Ch.A. Charalambides (28, 499-506)
PDF (936KB)

Corrections to 'Bayes theorem, information number and behavior of posterior distributions' *
Nozomu Matsubara (28, 507)

Correction to 'On the reduction to a complete class in multiple decision problems' *
Masakatsu Murakami (28, 508)

On the pattern of space division by territories
Masami Hasegawa and Masaharu Tanemura (28, 509-519)
PDF (1818KB)

* Errata files are joined together with papers