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Vol.27 Contents (1975)

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No.1 (1975)

Quantitative approach to a cross-societal research ; a comparative study of Japanese character : Part II
Chikio Hayashi and Tatsuzo Suzuki (27, 1-32)
PDF (4782KB)

Stratified random sampling ; Gain in precision due to stratification in the case of proportional allocation
Takashi Yanagawa (27, 33-44)
PDF (1642KB)

Asymptotic normality of the maximum likelihood estimate in the independent not identically distributed case
A.N. Philippou and G.G. Roussas (27, 45-55)
PDF (1652KB)

On some properties of a class of Spearman rank statistics with applications
Malay Ghosh (27, 57-68)
PDF (1890KB)

On a class of rank scores tests for censored data
M.S. Srivastava (27, 69-78)
PDF (1483KB)

On von Mises directions
Thaung Lwin (27, 79-86)

Characterization of distributions by the expected values of the order statistics
J.S. Huang (27, 87-93)
PDF (1103KB)

Integral expressions for tail probabilities of the negative multinomial distribution
S.W. Joshi (27, 95-97)

Asymptotic formulas for the non-null distributions of three statistics for multivariate linear hypothesis
Yasunori Fujikoshi (27, 99-108)
PDF (1571KB)

Some results on beta distributions with application to multivariate problems
R.P. Bhargava (27, 109-116)

On complexes of Abelian groups with applications to fractional factorial designs
H. Pesotan, B.L. Raktoe and W.T. Federer (27, 117-142)

Balanced arrays of strength 2l and balanced fractional 2m factorial designs
Sumiyasu Yamamoto, Teruhiro Shirakura and Masahide Kuwada (27, 143-157)

Some main effect plans for 3n factorials
A.K. Banerjee, A. Dey and G.M. Saha (27, 159-165)

On some new second order rotatable designs
T.K. Gupta and A. Dey (27, 167-175)

Note on the construction of partially balanced arrays
Sanpei Kageyama (27, 177-180)
PDF (491KB)

A note on C. G. Khatri's and A. Scott's papers on multivariate normal distributions
Zbynek Sidak (27, 181-184)

Corrections to 'Non-null distributions of the likelihood ratio criteria for independence and equality of mean vectors and covariance matrices' *
Hisao Nagao (27, 185)

Corrections to 'Some posterior distributions concerning normal samples with applications to analysis of variance model I problems' *
Umesh D. Naik (27, 187)

No.2 (1975)

On the error evaluation of the joint normal approximation for sample quantiles
T. Matsunawa (27, 189-199)
PDF (1505KB)

Properties of duality in tandem queueing systems
Genji Yamazaki and Hirotaka Sakasegawa (27, 201-212)
PDF (1956KB)

Classical asymptotic properties of a certain estimator related to the maximum likelihood estimator
James C. Fu and Leon Jay Gleser (27, 213-233)
PDF (3733KB)

On minimum variance unbiased estimation for truncated binomial and negative binomial distributions
T. Cacoullos and Ch. Charalambides (27, 235-244)
PDF (1411KB)

Some problems of unbiased sequential binomial estimation
Bikas Kumar Sinha and Bimal Kumar Sinha (27, 245-258)

Bayes approach to interval estimation of a binomial parameter
Ran S. Sharma (27, 259-267)

On estimating the parameter of a truncated geometric distribution by the method of moments
C.H. Kapadia and R.L. Thomasson (27, 269-272)

Optimum stratification for equal allocation
Ravindra Singh and Dev Parkash (27, 273-280)

On a conjecture concerning the common content of an N-cube and a diagonal cylinder
Mir M. Ali and Winston A. Richards (27, 281-287)

Decomposition of infinitely divisible characteristic functions with absolutely continuous Poisson spectral measure
Shigeru Mase (27, 289-298)
PDF (1636KB)

Non-parametric c-sample tests with regression
J.N. Adichie (27, 299-307)
PDF (1279KB)

Some distribution theory results for a regression model
Prakash C. Joshi (27, 309-317)
PDF (1196KB)

A note on Box's general method of approximation for the null distributions of likelihood criteria
Leon Jay Gleser and Ingram Olkin (27, 319-326)
PDF (1243KB)

Some one-sample hypothesis testing problems when there is a monotone sample from a multivariate normal population
R.P. Bhargava (27, 327-339)

On a stochastic inequality for the Wilks statistic
A.K. Gupta (27, 341-348)
PDF (1273KB)

Testing the equality of covariance matrices under intraclass correlation models
Chien-Pai Han (27, 349-356)
PDF (1068KB)

Some distributions of the latent roots of a complex Wishart matrix variate
Fumiko Hirakawa (27, 357-363)
PDF (945KB)

Analysis of some mixed-models for block and split-plot designs
R.P. Bhargava and K.R. Shah (27, 365-375)

Note on balanced fractional 2m factorial designs of resolution 2l+1
Teruhiro Shirakura and Masahide Kuwada (27, 377-386)
PDF (1444KB)

A note on relations between incomplete block and weighing designs
G.M. Saha (27, 387-390)

No.3 (1975)

The weak convergence of likelihood ratio random fields and its applications
Nobuo Inagaki and Yosihiko Ogata (27, 391-419)
PDF (3621KB)

Some criteria for uniform asymptotic equivalence of real probability distributions
Sadao Ikeda (27, 421-428)
PDF (1357KB)

Asymptotic normality of H-L estimators based on dependent data
Hira Lal Koul (27, 429-441)
PDF (1910KB)

Effect of auto-correlations on the optimum allocations in two phase stratified sampling - A Bayesian approach
Irwin Guttman and Charles D. Palit (27, 443-462)

The small-disturbance asymptotic moment matrix of k-class estimates of parameters of different equations in a complete system of simultaneous linear equations
George F. Brown, Jr. (27, 463-472)

Approximations for the distributions of the extreme latent roots of three matrices
Robb J. Muirhead and Yasuko Chikuse (27, 473-478)

On tests for detecting change in mean when variance is unknown
Ashish Sen and Muni S. Srivastava (27, 479-486)

Some nonparametric tests and selection procedures for main effects in two-way layouts
A.P. Gore (27, 487-500)
PDF (2215KB)

Bayes equivariant estimators in a crossed classification random effects model
Hardeo Sahai (27, 501-505)
PDF (902KB)

On local limit theorems and Blackwell's renewal theorem for independent random variables
Makoto Maejima (27, 507-520)
PDF (1692KB)

Note on a Tukey test for ordered alternatives
Walter R. Pirie and Myles Hollander (27, 521-523)

Intervals and tests for weighted sum of percentiles \theta(p) and \theta(1-p) for symmetrical populations
Grace J. Kelleher and John E. Walsh (27, 525-527)

Note on an inequality for tactical configurations
Sanpei Kageyama (27, 529-530)
PDF (337KB)

* Errata files are joined together with papers