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Vol.26 Contents (1974)

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No.1 (1974)

Robustness of Bayes classification region
Giitiro Suzuki (26, 1-13)
PDF (1528KB)

Bayesian point estimation and prediction
Robert R. Britney and Robert L. Winkler (26, 15-34)

Bayesian procedures for ranking and selection problems
Z. Govindarajulu and Charles Harvey (26, 35-53)

On Lp-convergence of U-statistics
Pranab Kumar Sen (26, 55-60)
PDF (846KB)

Convergence theorems on the least square estimators of the structural parameters of a linear explosive model
K.N. Venkataraman (26, 61-85)

Rates of convergence in the sequence-compound squared-distance loss estimation and linear-loss two-action problems for a family of scale parameter exponential distributions
V. Susarla (26, 87-102)

Sequential estimation of a restricted mean parameter of an exponential family
George P. McCabe, Jr. (26, 103-115)

Asymptotic formulas for the hypergeometric function 2F1 of matrix argument, useful in multivariate analysis
Nariaki Sugiura (26, 117-125)
PDF (1160KB)

Asymptotic distribution of discriminant function when covariance matrices are proportional and unknown
Chien-Pai Han (26, 127-133)
PDF (896KB)

On a class of simultaneous rank order tests in MANOCOVA
P.K. Sen and P.R. Krishnaiah (26, 135-145)

Exact investigation of all effects for extensions of one-way ANOVA model with random effects
John E. Walsh (26, 147-152)

Some new series of PBIB designs and their applications
D. Raghavarao and K.R. Aggarwal (26, 153-161)

Note on the reduction of associate classes for PBIB designs
Sanpei Kageyama (26, 163-170)
PDF (1042KB)

An inequality for tactical configurations
A. Dey and G.M. Saha (26, 171-173)

No.2 (1974)

On Fechner's thesis and statistics with norm p
Tokio Taguchi (26, 175-193)

On the remainder term for the central limit theorem
Ryoichi Shimizu (26, 195-201)
PDF (681KB)

Tests on categorical data from the union-intersection principle
Donald A. Anderson, Lyman L. McDonald and Kim D. Weaver (26, 203-213)

On sequential distinguishability for the exponential family
Rasul A. Khan (26, 215-221)
PDF (1101KB)

On some robust properties of estimates of regression based on rank tests
J.N. Adichie (26, 223-231)
PDF (1054KB)

On the structure of symmetric sample testing : a distribution-free approach
Rashid Ahmad (26, 233-245)

A Bayes rule for the symmetric multiple comparisons problem II
Ray A. Waller and David B. Duncan (26, 247-264)

Convolution of independent left-truncated negative binomial variables and limiting distributions
J.C. Ahuja and E.A. Enneking (26, 265-270)

On multivariate modified Polya and inverse Polya distributions and their properties
K.G. Janardan and G.P. Patil (26, 271-276)
PDF (885KB)

Asymptotic expansion of the non-null distribution of the ratio of two conditionally independent Hotelling's T02-statistics
Charissa Chou and Minoru Siotani (26, 277-288)

Asymptotic expansions of the non-null distributions of three statistics in GMANOVA
Yasunori Fujikoshi (26, 289-297)
PDF (1321KB)

Incomplete multivariate designs, optimal with respect to Fisher's information matrix
J.N. Srivastava and M.K. Zaatar (26, 299-313)

Some higher class PBIB designs and their application as confounded factorial experiments
K.R. Aggarwal (26, 315-323)

Variance functions for comparing mixture designs
A.K. Nigam (26, 325-329)
PDF (623KB)

Pairwise and variance balanced incomplete block designs
A. Hedayat and W.T. Federer (26, 331-338)
PDF (1633KB)

Comparison of ratio estimators in two-phase sampling
K.T. DeGraft-Johnson and J. Sedransk (26, 339-350)

Quasi-stationary distributions for absorbing continuous-time denumerable Markov chains
David C. Flaspohler (26, 351-356)

A note on homogeneous processes with independent increments
Y.H. Wang (26, 357-360)
PDF (573KB)

A note on the efficiency of the Zellner's seemingly unrelated regressions estimator
N.C. Kakwani (26, 361-362)

No.3 (1974)

Markovian representation of stochastic processes and its application to the analysis of autoregressive moving average processes
Hirotugu Akaike (26, 363-387)
PDF (5048KB)

Some properties of Matusita's measure of affinity of several distributions
Godfried T. Toussaint (26, 389-394)
PDF (726KB)

Asymptotic non-null distributions of two test criteria for equality of covariance matrices under local alternatives
Hisao Nagao (26, 395-402)
PDF (1158KB)

The distribution of the MLE of the uniform correlation coefficient in the multivariate normal population
S.A. Patil, J.L. Kovner and D.C. Patel (26, 403-411)

A multivariate model with intra-class covariance structure
M. Safiul Haq (26, 413-420)
PDF (1109KB)

Asymptotic distribution of rank statistics for experiments involving incomplete block designs
Madan L. Puri and Norman L. Wykoff (26, 421-446)

Some observations on repeated spring balance weighing designs
K.S. Banerjee (26, 447-454)

Quantitative approach to a cross-societal research ; a comparative study of Japanese character : Part I
Chikio Hayashi and Tatsuzo Suzuki (26, 455-516)
PDF (12411KB)

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