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Vol.25 Contents (1973)

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No.1 (1973)

Asymptotic relations between the likelihood estimating function and the maximum likelihood estimator
Nobuo Inagaki (25, 1-26)
PDF (3553KB)

On the exponential approximation of a family of probability measures and a representation theorem of Hajek-Inagaki
G.G. Roussas and A. Soms (25, 27-39)

A new coefficient of association
A.H. Khan and S.M. Ali (25, 41-50)

On the utilization of a known coefficient of kurtosis in the estimation procedure of variance
J. Singh, B.N. Pandey and K. Hirano (25, 51-55)

Some biased estimates of the mean of the normal distribution
Khursheed Alam and James R. Thompson (25, 57-64)

Robust Pitman-type estimators of location
Valerie Mike (25, 65-86)

Nonparametric estimation of mean and variance when a few 'sample' values possibly outliers
John E. Walsh and Grace J. Kelleher (25, 87-90)

On a class of asymptotically optimal nonparametric tests for grouped data I
Malay Ghosh (25, 91-108)
PDF (2840KB)

On a class of asymptotically optimal nonparametric tests for grouped data II
Malay Ghosh (25, 109-122)
PDF (2060KB)

On some sequential simultaneous confidence intervals procedures
Malay Ghosh and Pranab Kumar Sen (25, 123-133)
PDF (1875KB)

On the complex analogue of Bayesian estimation of a multivariate regression model
W.Y. Tan (25, 135-152)
PDF (2751KB)

Further asymptotic formulas for the non-null distributions of three statistics for multivariate linear hypothesis
Nariaki Sugiura (25, 153-163)
PDF (1467KB)

Note on the distribution of the minimum latent root
Fumiko Hirakawa (25, 165-172)
PDF (959KB)

Some posterior distributions concerning normal samples with applications to analysis of variance model I problems
Umesh D. Naik (25, 173-186)

On tests of hypotheses about treatment effects and treatment X places interactions, in two heteroscedastic experiments
S.R. Kulkarni (25, 187-203)

An inaccuracy function of type \beta
P.N. Rathie and Pl. Kannappan (25, 205-214)

On the two-dimensional concentration surface and extensions of concentration coefficient and Pareto distribution to the two dimensional case - III - On an application of differential geometric methods to statistical analysis -
Tokio Taguchi (25, 215-237)

No.2 (1973)

The asymptotic non-null distribution of the F-statistic for testing a partial null-hypothesis in a randomized PBIB design with m associate classes under the Neyman model
Junjiro Ogawa and Sadao Ikeda (25, 239-259)

Uniform asymptotic joint normality of sample quantiles in censored cases
Tadashi Matsunawa (25, 261-278)
PDF (2791KB)

On the Hodges-Lehmann approximate efficiency
Thomas P. Hettmansperger (25, 279-286)

On Kolmogorov-Smirnov-type tests for symmetry
Shoutir Kishore Chatterjee and Pranab Kumar Sen (25, 287-299)
PDF (2165KB)

Efficient estimation of the location parameters in the bivariate two sample problem
M. Samanta (25, 301-319)

On sequential estimation of the mean vector of a multinormal population
V.K. Rohatgi and R.T. O'Neill (25, 321-325)

On random observation processes for stochastic approximation
Siro Yamazoe (25, 327-334)
PDF (1022KB)

Regression estimation for bivariate normal distributions
Chien-Pai Han (25, 335-344)
PDF (1525KB)

On the exact non-null distribution of likelihood ratio criteria for covariance matrices
C.G. Khatri and M.S. Srivastava (25, 345-354)

On tests of independence for r \times c Markovian contingency tables
H.I. Patel and Rashid Ahmad (25, 355-361)

On inferring the probability of misclassification by the linear discriminant function
S. John (25, 363-372)

Separation and probability of correct classification among two or more distributions
Ned Glick (25, 373-382)

On the extensions of Gauss-Markov theorem to subsets of the parameter space under complex multivariate linear models
J.N. Srivastava and Lyman L. McDonald (25, 383-393)

An asymptotic expansion for the distribution of the determinant of a multivariate quadratic form in a normal sample
Takesi Hayakawa (25, 395-406)
PDF (1677KB)

Asymptotic expansions of the distributions of Bartlett's test and sphericity test under the local alternatives
Hisao Nagao (25, 407-422)
PDF (2002KB)

Asymptotic formulas for the distributions of three statistics for multivariate linear hypothesis
Yasunori Fujikoshi (25, 423-437)
PDF (2273KB)

On construction and uses of balanced n-ary designs
G.M. Saha and A. Dey (25, 439-445)

On an asymptotic distribution of the characteristic roots of S1S2-1 when roots are not all distinct
Tseng C. Chang (25, 447-451)

Remarks to a local limit theorem for Galton-Watson processes *
Haruo Imai (25, 453-455)

No.3 (1973)

The asymptotic representation of the Hodges-Lehmann estimator based on Wilcoxon two-sample statistic
Nobuo Inagaki (25, 457-466)
PDF (1282KB)

Maximum probability estimators for ranked means
Edward J. Dudewicz (25, 467-477)
PDF (1576KB)

Some properties of an estimator for the variance of a normal distribution
Katuomi Hirano (25, 479-492)
PDF (1723KB)

On a goodness of fit test based on Matusita's measure of distance
S.N.U.A. Kirmani (25, 493-500)

Comparison of some experiments from sufficiency consideration
Bikas Kumar Sinha (25, 501-520)

A consistent estimator of the parameters of continuous compound distribution functions
Keewhan Choi (25, 521-532)

The distribution of a truncated linear difference between independent chi-square variates
David A. Harville (25, 533-548)
PDF (2163KB)

The use of the disguised Wishart distribution in a Bayesian approach to tolerance region construction
Irwin Guttman and W.Y. Tan (25, 549-556)
PDF (1146KB)

A few remarks about some recent articles on the exact distributions of multivariate test criteria : I
A.M. Mathai (25, 557-566)
PDF (1465KB)

On construction of fractional replicates and on aliasing schemes
U.B. Paik and W.T. Federer (25, 567-585)

Optimal balanced 27 fractional factorial designs of resolution V, with N le 42
D.V. Chopra and J.N. Srivastava (25, 587-604)
PDF (3408KB)

On construction of Tm-type PBIB designs
G.M. Saha (25, 605-616)

Some properties and generating function of ordered partitions
B.C. Gupta and D.S. Tracy (25, 617-626)

Optimum stratification with ratio and regression methods of estimation
Ravindra Singh and B.V. Sukhatme (25, 627-633)

On a ruin problem with interaction
Yoshiaki Itoh (25, 635-641)
PDF (812KB)

A \chi2 goodness-of-fit test for Markov renewal processes
Dwight B. Brock and A.M. Kshirsagar (25, 643-654)

* Errata files are joined together with papers