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Vol.24 Contents (1972)

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No.1 (1972)

On the distribution of the latent roots of a complex Wishart matrix (non-central case)
Takesi Hayakawa (24, 1-17)
PDF (2118KB)

On the derivation of the asymptotic distribution of the generalized Hotelling's T02
Takesi Hayakawa (24, 19-32)
PDF (1970KB)

On the uniform asymptotic joint normality of sample quantiles
Sadao Ikeda and Tadashi Matsunawa (24, 33-52)
PDF (3193KB)

The exact non-central distribution of the generalized variance
A.M. Mathai (24, 53-65)
PDF (1859KB)

Non-null distributions of the likelihood ratio criteria for independence and equality of mean vectors and covariance matrices
Hisao Nagao (24, 67-79)
PDF (1882KB)

Simultaneous tests for equality of latent roots against certain alternatives - II
P.R. Krishnaiah and V.B. Waikar (24, 81-85)

Distributions of the largest latent root of the multivariate complex Gaussian distribution
T. Sugiyama (24, 87-94)
PDF (1135KB)

On a generalization of Rao's U statistic
D.G. Kabe (24, 95-100)
PDF (761KB)

Distribution results for distance functions based on the modified empirical distribution function of M. Kac
Miklos Csorgo (24, 101-110)
PDF (1543KB)

The expectation of Mahalanobis' generalized distance
M.G. Davies (24, 111-125)

G-peakedness comparisons for random vectors
Govind S. Mudholkar (24, 127-135)

Estimation of some functional of the population distribution based on a stratified random sample
Takashi Yanagawa and Kazumasa Wakimoto (24, 137-151)

A comparison of Midzuno-Sen scheme with P.P.S. sampling without replacement and its application to successive sampling
M.S. Avadhani and A.K. Srivastava (24, 153-164)

Random effects model : Nonparametric case
Z. Govindarajulu and Jayant V. Deshpande (24, 165-170)
PDF (914KB)

Trinomial group-testing with an unknown proportion of units in the three categories
S. Kumar (24, 171-181)

A note on a one-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov test of fit for discrete distribution function
W.A. Coberly and T.O. Lewis (24, 183-187)

A note on an application of the identity given by Govindarajulu and Suzuki
James M. Davenport (24, 189-192)

Numerical algorithms for the Moore-Penrose inverse of a matrix : Direct methods
Nobuo Shinozaki, Masaaki Sibuya and Kunio Tanabe (24, 193-203)
PDF (1390KB)

No.2 (1972)

On the distribution of the multivariate quadratic form in multivariate normal samples
Takesi Hayakawa (24, 205-230)
PDF (3542KB)

The asymptotic distributions of the statistics based on the complex Gaussian distribution
Takesi Hayakawa (24, 231-244)
PDF (1745KB)

On testing problems concerning mean of multivariate complex Gaussian distribution
N. Giri (24, 245-250)
PDF (788KB)

Two dimensional quantification based on the measure of dissimilarity among three elements
Chikio Hayashi (24, 251-257)
PDF (948KB)

Stochastically larger component of a random vector
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masaaki Sibuya (24, 259-269)
PDF (1566KB)

On the consistency of single-stage ranking procedures
Yung Liang Tong (24, 271-284)
PDF (2691KB)

Asymptotically most powerful rank tests for regression parameters in MANOVA
M.S. Srivastava (24, 285-297)
PDF (1726KB)

Asymptotically efficient estimation by local location-parameter approximations
D.S. Moore (24, 299-308)
PDF (1440KB)

A random observation process for stochastic approximation
Siro Yamazoe (24, 309-317)
PDF (1321KB)

Rates of convergence in empirical Bayes estimation problems : Discrete case
Pi-Erh Lin (24, 319-325)
PDF (837KB)

Bayesian estimates of parameters in some queueing models
M.V. Muddapur (24, 327-331)
PDF (599KB)

Maximum likelihood estimation for Markov processes
B.L.S. Prakasa Rao (24, 333-345)
PDF (1864KB)

On the decomposition of stable characteristic functions
Ryoichi Shimizu (24, 347-353)
PDF (986KB)

On the two-dimensional concentration surface and extensions of concentration coefficient and Pareto distribution to the two dimensional case - I - On an application of differential geometric methods to statistical analysis -
Tokio Taguchi (24, 355-381)

On two level symmetrical factorial designs
E.G. Kounias and Bodh Raj Gulati (24, 383-403)

A note on a monotonicity property of a rank order probability ratio
Khursheed Alam (24, 405-408)

Note on a multidimensional linear discriminant function
J.K. Wani and D.G. Kabe (24, 409-412)
PDF (514KB)

Addentum to 'A lower bound for the number of singular saturated main effect plans of an SM factorial' *
B.L. Raktoe and W.T. Federer (24, 413)

No.3 (1972)

Distributions of Kac-statistics
Giitiro Suzuki (24, 415-421)
PDF (710KB)

Test of symmetry of a one-dimensional distribution against positive biasedness
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masaaki Sibuya (24, 423-434)
PDF (1812KB)

Completeness theorems for characterizing distribution-free statistics
C.B. Bell and Paul J. Smith (24, 435-453)

Some sequential procedures for ranking multivariate normal populations
M.S. Srivastava and V.S. Taneja (24, 455-464)

An asymptotic comparison of subset selection procedures
Milton Sobel and S.P. Yen (24, 465-468)

Note on the rank sum test of Wilcoxon under trend alternatives
B.M. Bennett (24, 469-472)

Characterization of Matusita's measure of affinity
A.M. Mathai and P.N. Rathie (24, 473-483)

Optimum stratification in sampling with varying probabilities
Ravindra Singh and B.V. Sukhatme (24, 485-494)

The bias of generalized double k-class estimators
A.R. Roy and V.K. Srivastava (24, 495-508)

Note on the asymptotic distributions of the functions of a multivariate quadratic form in normal sample
Takesi Hayakawa (24, 509-515)
PDF (789KB)

Asymptotic solutions of the hypergeometric function 1F1 of matrix argument, useful in multivariate analysis
Nariaki Sugiura (24, 517-524)
PDF (1093KB)

Three symbol partially balanced arrays
A. Dey, A.C. Kulshreshtha and G.M. Saha (24, 525-528)

Properties of flanking, beflanking and enflanking
Edward W. Barankin and Joaquin Curiel (24, 529-558)

Families of positively dependent random variables
Takemi Yanagimoto (24, 559-573)
PDF (2651KB)

Convergence of functional iterates for branching processes
Haruo Imai (24, 575-587)

A GI/M/1 queue with a modified service mechanism
A.G. Pakes (24, 589-597)
PDF (1487KB)

On the two-dimensional concentration surface and extensions of concentration coefficient and Pareto distribution to the two dimensional case - II - On an application of differential geometric methods to statistical analysis -
Tokio Taguchi (24, 599-619)

Numerical algorithms for the Moore-Penrose inverse of a matrix : Iterative methods
Nobuo Shinozaki, Masaaki Sibuya and Kunio Tanabe (24, 621-629)
PDF (1359KB)

* Errata files are joined together with papers