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Vol.23 Contents (1971)

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No.1 (1971)

Minimax estimation method for the optimum decomposition of a sample space based on prior information
Kazuo Noda and Yasushi Taga (23, 1-29)
PDF (4728KB)

Response reliability and attitude change - Supplement to response errors and biased information -
Chikio Hayashi (23, 31-34)
PDF (535KB)

Toward the mathematics of a general theory of behavior, III. The flanking heredity theorem
Edward W. Barankin (23, 35-65)

A Bayesian analogue of Paulson's lemma and its use in tolerance region construction when sampling from the multi-variate normal
Irwin Guttman (23, 67-76)
PDF (1553KB)

Distribution of Wilks' likelihood-ratio criterion in the complex case
A.K. Gupta (23, 77-87)
PDF (1852KB)

An approximation to the distribution of the largest root of a complex Wishart matrix
K.C.S. Pillai and D.L. Young (23, 89-96)

Distribution of certain factors useful in discriminant analysis
R.P. Gupta and D.G. Kabe (23, 97-103)

Nonparametric estimation of the mean using quantal response data
J.D. Church and E. Benton Cobb (23, 105-117)

A Bayes solution for the problem of ranking Poisson parameters
D.O. Dixon and R.P. Bland (23, 119-124)

The limiting distribution of the sample occupancy numbers from the multinomial distribution with equal cell probabilities
B. Harris and C.J. Park (23, 125-133)
PDF (1331KB)

Acknowledgement to 'The choice of optimum scores in a Markov chain of order one' *
H.I. Patel (23, 135)

No.2 (1971)

Some properties of affinity and applications
Kameo Matusita (23, 137-155)
PDF (2281KB)

Some limiting properties of Matusita's measure of distance
S.N.U.A. Kirmani (23, 157-162)

Autoregressive model fitting for control
Hirotugu Akaike (23, 163-180)
PDF (2975KB)

On the distribution of the likelihood ratio criterion for testing linear hypotheses on regression coefficients
A.M. Mathai (23, 181-197)
PDF (2583KB)

On certain tests and monotonicity of their power for the parameters involved in the non-regular density functions
M.C. Jaiswal and C.G. Khatri (23, 199-210)

On pooling data I : Estimation of the mean
J.S. Mehta and R. Srinivasan (23, 211-224)

Some asymptotic properties of the linearized maximum likelihood estimate and best linear unbiased estimate
Lai K. Chan (23, 225-232)
PDF (1282KB)

Stratified random sampling (I) Estimation of the population variance
Kazumasa Wakimoto (23, 233-252)

A selection procedure based on ranks
Khursheed Alam and James R. Thompson (23, 253-262)

Recovery of inter-row and inter-column information in two-way designs
A.M. Kshirsager (23, 263-278)
PDF (1964KB)

On maximal (k, t)-sets
Bodh Raj Gulati (23, 279-292)

On the exact distribution of the smallest root of the Wishart matrix using zonal polynomials
P.R. Krishnaiah and T.C. Chang (23, 293-295)

Statistical analysis of reliability data in renewal processes
Shun-ichi Abe (23, 297-320)

On a class of psychological experiments
P. Holgate (23, 321-325)

No.3 (1971)

Stratified random sampling (II) Estimation of the population covariance
Kazumasa Wakimoto (23, 327-337)

Stratified random sampling (III) Estimation of the correlation coefficient
Kazumasa Wakimoto (23, 339-353)

On the convergence of optimum stratifications for empiric distribution function in univariate case
Yasushi Taga (23, 355-363)
PDF (1321KB)

A sequential sampling rule for selecting the most probable multinomial event
Khursheed Alam, Kenzo Seo and James R. Thompson (23, 365-374)

Some selection procedures based on U-statistics for the location and scale problems
V.P. Bhapkar and A.P. Gore (23, 375-386)

Spectrum estimation with missing observations
Richard H. Jones (23, 387-398)
PDF (1622KB)

Note on the estimation of correlogram by using transformed variables
Mituaki Huzii (23, 399-410)
PDF (1322KB)

Selection from Poisson processes
Khursheed Alam (23, 411-418)

Estimation of the probabilities of misclassification for a linear discriminant function in the univariate normal case
N. Sedransk and Masashi Okamoto (23, 419-435)

Disturbance variance estimation in simultaneous equations by k-class method
V.K. Srivastava (23, 437-449)

Simultaneous tests for equality of latent roots against certain alternatives - I
P.R. Krishnaiah and V.B. Waikar (23, 451-468)

Asymptotic expansion of the distribution of the generalized variance for noncentral Wishart matrix, when \Omega = O(n)
Nariaki Sugiura and Hisao Nagao (23, 469-475)
PDF (818KB)

Asymptotic expansions of the non-null distributions of two criteria for the linear hypothesis concerning complex multivariate normal populations
Yasunori Fujikoshi (23, 477-490)
PDF (2020KB)

On circular designs
A.C. Kulshreshtha, G.M. Saha and A. Dey (23, 491-497)

A class of three-replicate three-associate P.B.I.B. designs
G.M. Saha and A.K. Mishra (23, 499-505)

A note on the asymptotic normality of the distribution of the number of empty cells in occupancy problems
B. Harris and C.J. Park (23, 507-513)
PDF (968KB)

On Hausdorff dimension of non-normal sets
Kenji Nagasaka (23, 515-521)
PDF (1047KB)

A characterization of normality
Khursheed Alam (23, 523-525)

Correction note to 'On maximal (k, t)-sets' *
Bodh Raj Gulati (23, 527-529)

Correction to 'Autoregressive model fitting for control' *
H. Akaike (23, 531)

* Errata files are joined together with papers