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Vol.22 Contents (1970)

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No.1 (1970)

On the limiting distribution of a sequence of estimators with uniformity property
Nobuo Inagaki (22, 1-13)
PDF (1707KB)

On unbiased estimation of the population variance based on the stratified random sample
Kazumasa Wakimoto (22, 15-26)

Bayes equivalent estimators of variance components
S. Zacks (22, 27-40)
PDF (2210KB)

Asymptotically nearly efficient procedures for bivariate location parameters
D.S. Moore (22, 41-49)
PDF (1426KB)

Estimation of the reciprocal of scale parameter of a gamma density
J.K. Ghosh and Rajinder Singh (22, 51-55)

On measures of association and a related problem
Takemi Yanagimoto (22, 57-63)
PDF (1008KB)

Some modifications and applications of Wald's OC formula
David G. Hoel (22, 65-75)

Further applications of a differential equation for Hotelling's generalized T02
A.W. Davis (22, 77-87)
PDF (1622KB)

The exact distribution of Votaw's criteria
A.M. Mathai and P.N. Rathie (22, 89-116)

Distribution of discriminant function in circular models
Chien-Pai Han (22, 117-125)
PDF (1183KB)

A two-sample procedure for selecting the population with the largest mean from k normal populations
Khursheed Alam (22, 127-136)

Comparison of the means of two normal processes by multiple stage sampling using Bayesian decision theory
Armand V. Smith, Jr. (22, 137-143)

Locally asymptotically most powerful tests about the effects of K treatments
S.R. Kulkarni (22, 145-158)

On non-orthogonal main effect plans for asymmetrical factorials
G.M. Saha and S. Mohanty (22, 159-169)

Admissibility of the maximum likelihood estimator in the regression of two predictands on one predictor
Stanley L. Sclove (22, 171-174)
PDF (500KB)

Note on the estimation of the standardized covariance matrix
Yasuhiro Asoo (22, 175-179)

A limit theorem for a certain transform of sums of independent random variables
R. Shantaram and William L. Harkness (22, 181-184)

Corrections to 'Characteristic functions satisfying a functional equation (II)' *
Ryoichi Shimizu (22, 185-186)

No.2 (1970)

Toward the mathematics of a general theory of behavior, II. A characterization of flanking
Edward W. Barankin (22, 187-202)

Statistical predictor identification
Hirotugu Akaike (22, 203-217)
PDF (2675KB)

A fundamental relation between predictor identification and power spectrum estimation
Hirotugu Akaike (22, 219-223)
PDF (777KB)

Maximum probability estimators and asymptotic sufficiency
L. Weiss and J. Wolfowitz (22, 225-244)

On the domain of partial attraction of semi-stable distributions
Ryoichi Shimizu (22, 245-255)
PDF (1579KB)

Distribution results and power functions for Kac statistics
Miklos Csorgo and Mayer Alvo (22, 257-260)
PDF (508KB)

Tests of fit based on partial sums of the ordered spacings
Saul Blumenthal (22, 261-276)

On the robust-efficiency of the combination of independent nonparametric tests
Pranab Kumar Sen (22, 277-280)
PDF (711KB)

Nonparametric inference in n replicated 2m factorial experiments
Pranab Kumar Sen (22, 281-294)
PDF (2948KB)

Goodness of fit of an assigned set of scores for the analysis of association in a contingency table
A.M. Kshirsagar (22, 295-306)
PDF (1708KB)

Monotonicity of the power functions of some tests of hypotheses concerning multivariate complex normal distributions
K.C.S. Pillai and Hung C. Li (22, 307-318)

Some remarks on normal multivariate regression
Stanley L. Sclove (22, 319-326)
PDF (1242KB)

The variance function of the Erlang process
R.J. Serfling (22, 327-337)
PDF (1638KB)

A fundamental identity in the theory of queues
Lajos Takacs (22, 339-348)

Queueing processes with accumulated service
Shunro Takamatsu (22, 349-379)

Main effect plans for kn factorials with blocks
A. Dey and G.M. Saha (22, 381-388)

On construction of balanced n-ary block designs
A. Dey (22, 389-393)

Corrections for 'Estimators for the parameters of a finite mixture of distributions' *
Keewhan Choi (22, 395-396)

Corrections for 'Empirical Bayes procedure for (pattern) classification with stochastic learning' *
Keewhan Choi (22, 397-398)

A comment on the paper 'Locally asymptotically most powerful tests about the effects of k treatments' *
S.R. Kulkarni (22, 399)

Correction to 'On unbiased estimation of the population variance based on the stratified random sample' *
Kazumasa Wakimoto (22, 400)

Corrections to 'On the order of approximation of the variance of multivariate regression estimates (MRE) for finite populations' *
M.A.H. Talukder (22, 401)

No.3 (1970)

Zyoiti Suetuna, 1898-1970
Kameo Matusita (22, v-vi)
PDF (425KB)

Estimation of several characteristics of distributions of order statistics
Koiti Takahasi (22, 403-412)
PDF (1276KB)

Some nonparametric consistent estimates from censored samples
Koiti Takahasi (22, 413-419)
PDF (1014KB)

Practical note on estimation of population means based on samples stratified by means of ordering
Koiti Takahasi (22, 421-428)
PDF (1069KB)

On unbiased estimation of the population variance based on the stratified random sample (II)
Kazumasa Wakimoto (22, 429-433)

On asymptotic independence of order statistics
Sadao Ikeda and Tadashi Matsunawa (22, 435-449)
PDF (2482KB)

Further contributions to some inequalities for normal distributions and their applications to simultaneous confidence bounds
C.G. Khatri (22, 451-458)

Multi-sample tests for scale
M. Raghavachari (22, 459-464)

The Jacobi polynomial and some hypergeometric type distributions
Paul R. Milch (22, 465-474)

Some distributions of ordered random intervals with applications
D.G. Kabe (22, 475-481)
PDF (1125KB)

The efficiency of estimating seemingly unrelated regression equations
V.K. Srivastava (22, 483-493)

On an estimator in T3-class of linear estimators in sampling with varying probabilities from a finite population
S.S. Sharma (22, 495-500)

Some results on tactical configurations and non-existence of difference set solutions for certain symmetrical PBIB designs
Damaraju Raghavarao (22, 501-506)

On the hierarchical two-response (CYCLIC PBIB) designs, costwise optimal under the trace criterion
J.N. Srivastava and L.L. McDonald (22, 507-518)

A lower bound for the number of singular saturated main effect plans of an SM factorial
B.L. Raktoe and W.T. Federer (22, 519-525)

On the variance of a simplified estimate of correlogram
Mituaki Huzii (22, 527-534)
PDF (867KB)

The choice of optimum scores in a Markov chain of order one
H.I. Patel (22, 535-538)

On the strong law
V.K. Rohatgi (22, 539-541)
PDF (386KB)

Subclasses of generalized inverses of matrices
Masaaki Sibuya (22, 543-556)
PDF (2041KB)

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