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Vol.21 Contents (1969)

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No.1 (1969)

On the distribution of the latent roots of a positive definite random symmetric matrix I
Takesi Hayakawa (21, 1-21)
PDF (2635KB)

Non-central distributions of ith largest characteristic roots of three matrices concerning complex multivariate normal populations
C.G. Khatri (21, 23-32)

Testing for equality of means, equality of variances, and equality of covariances under restrictions upon the parameter space
Leon Jay Gleser and Ingram Olkin (21, 33-48)
PDF (2177KB)

Power comparisons of tests of two multivariate hypotheses based on individual characteristic roots
K.C. Sreedharan Pillai and Charles O. Dotson (21, 49-66)

A note on the non-null distribution of the Wilks statistic in MANOVA
Y.H. Asoh and Masashi Okamoto (21, 67-71)

Nonparametric estimation in Markov processes
George G. Roussas (21, 73-87)
PDF (2300KB)

On some model of queueing system with state-dependent service time distributions
Tosio Uematu (21, 89-106)
PDF (2159KB)

Estimators for the parameters of a finite mixture of distributions
Keewhan Choi (21, 107-116)

Empirical Bayes procedure for (pattern) classification with stochastic learning
Keewhan Choi (21, 117-125)

Power function of the likelihood ratio test when range depends upon the parameter
M.C. Jaiswal and C.G. Khatri (21, 127-136)

On testing the equality of parameters in k triangular populations with unequal observations
C.G. Khatri and M.C. Jaiswal (21, 137-148)

Procedures for a best population problem when the criterion of bestness involves a fixed tolerance region
Irwin Guttman and Roy C. Milton (21, 149-161)
PDF (2182KB)

On the asymptotic theory of rank order tests for experiments involving paired comparisons
Madan Lal Puri and Pranab Kumar Sen (21, 163-173)

On ergodic probability measures
Nozomu Matubara (21, 175-183)

Finite and infinite invariant measures for a measurable transformation
Yoshihiro Kubokawa (21, 185-193)
PDF (1493KB)

Remarks on finite invariant measures for one-parameter group of measurable transformations
Yoshihiro Kubokawa (21, 195-200)
PDF (911KB)

Distribution of product and quotient of Bessel function variates
Samuel Kotz and R. Srinivasan (21, 201-210)

Fixed precision estimation in the class of IFR distributions
J.R. Blum and Judah Rosenblatt (21, 211-213)

The calculation of cumulants via conditioning
David R. Brillinger (21, 215-218)
PDF (701KB)

A note on exponential bounds for binomial probabilities
Olaf Krafft (21, 219-220)
PDF (252KB)

Errata 'On the distribution of the maximum latent root of a positive definite symmetric random matrix' *
Takesi Hayakawa (21, 221)

Corrections to 'On the empirical Bayes procedure (1)' *
Hirosi Hudimoto (21, 223)

No.2 (1969)

A method of statistical identification of discrete time parameter linear systems
Hirotugu Akaike (21, 225-242)
PDF (3020KB)

Fitting autoregressive models for prediction
Hirotugu Akaike (21, 243-247)
PDF (907KB)

On the estimation of the population mean based on ordered samples from an equicorrelated multivariate distribution
Koiti Takahasi (21, 249-255)
PDF (814KB)

The asymptotic joint distribution of an increasing number of sample quantiles
Lionel Weiss (21, 257-263)

Monotonicity of rank order likelihood ratio
K.M. Lal Saxena and I.R. Savage (21, 265-275)

A generalized monotone character of d.f.'s and moments of statistics from some well-known populations
Govind S. Mudholkar (21, 277-285)

Asymptotic independence between largest and smallest of a set of independent observations
John E. Walsh (21, 287-289)

A representation of Bayes invariant procedures in terms of Haar measure
James V. Zidek (21, 291-308)
PDF (2761KB)

On the moments of elementary symmetric functions of the roots of two matrices
K.C. Sreedharan Pillai and Gary M. Jouris (21, 309-320)

Non-central distributions of the largest latent roots of three matrices in multivariate analysis
K.C.S. Pillai and T. Sugiyama (21, 321-327)

On nonparametric T-method of multiple comparisons for randomized blocks
Pranab Kumar Sen (21, 329-333)
PDF (923KB)

Some non-orthogonal unsaturated main effect and resolution V plans derived from a one-restrictional lattice
B.L. Raktoe and W.T. Federer (21, 335-342)

A note on weighing designs
A. Dey (21, 343-346)

On the \epsilon-entropy of diffusion processes
Kimio Kazi (21, 347-356)
PDF (1218KB)

Investigation of the mean waiting time for queueing system with many servers
Toji Makino (21, 357-366)
PDF (952KB)

A queueing system with several types of customers
D.N. Shanbhag (21, 367-371)
PDF (594KB)

On the significance level of preliminary tests in some 'TE' procedures
A.M. Gun (21, 373-376)

On the stability of multisectoral growth equilibrium
Ken-ichi Inada (21, 377-390)

No.3 (1969)

Characteristic functions satisfying a functional equation (II)
Ryoichi Shimizu (21, 391-405)
PDF (2026KB)

Power spectrum estimation through autoregressive model fitting
Hirotugu Akaike (21, 407-419)
PDF (2019KB)

Toward the mathematics of a general theory of behavior, I. The lattice Y0
Edward W. Barankin (21, 421-456)

Locally averaged risk
Khursheed Alam and James R. Thompson (21, 457-469)

Optimality of unbiased predictors
Goro Ishii (21, 471-488)

Partial orderings of permutations and monotonicity of a rank correlation statistic
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masashi Okamoto (21, 489-506)
PDF (2745KB)

On the costwise optimality of hierarchical multiresponse randomized block designs under the trace criterion
J.N. Srivastava and L.L. McDonald (21, 507-514)

Optimum stratification
Ravindra Singh and B.V. Sukhatme (21, 515-528)

A characterization of the normal law
R.P. Pakshirajan and N.R. Mohan (21, 529-532)

A remark on the incomparability of two criteria for a uniform convergence of probability measures
Sadao Ikeda (21, 533-536)
PDF (522KB)

Boundedness of a measurable transformation and a weakly wandering set
Yoshihiro Kubokawa (21, 537-540)
PDF (599KB)

Some known results concerning zero-one sets
Morris Skibinsky (21, 541-545)
PDF (625KB)

A note on limiting distributions of some Renyi-type statistics
B.P. Lientz (21, 547-550)

Some distribution problems of order statistics from discrete populations
D.G. Kabe (21, 551-556)
PDF (784KB)

* Errata files are joined together with papers