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Vol.20 Contents (1968)

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No.1 (1968)

On unbiased estimates of the population mean based on the sample stratified by means of ordering
Koiti Takahasi and Kazumasa Wakimoto (20, 1-31)

Minimax invariant prediction regions
Goro Ishii (20, 33-53)

On the use of an index of bias in the estimation of power spectra
Hirotugu Akaike (20, 55-69)
PDF (2102KB)

On testing certain hypotheses
Yukio Suzuki (20, 71-78)
PDF (1268KB)

Some distribution-free statistics and their application to the selection problem
Noel S. Bartlett and Zakkula Govindarajulu (20, 79-97)

Multi-sample scale problem : Unknown location parameters
Madan L. Puri (20, 99-106)

Concentration-curve methods and structures of skew populations - A methodology for the analysis of economic data -
Tokio Taguchi (20, 107-141)

A note on exact moments of arc sine correlation coefficient with the help of characteristic function
C.G. Khatri (20, 143-149)

Discrete distributions with prior information
M.S. Holla (20, 151-157)

On the allocation of sample size in stratified sampling
T.J. Rao (20, 159-166)
PDF (1030KB)

Corrections to 'Multidimensional quantification of the data Obtained by the method of paired comparison' *
Chikio Hayashi (20, 167)

Cancellation of Section 5 of 'Some applications of Loewner's ordering on symmetric matrices' *
Minoru Siotani (20, 168)

No.2 (1968)

On the empirical Bayes procedure (1)
Hirosi Hudimoto (20, 169-185)
PDF (3108KB)

Characteristic functions satisfying a functional equation (1)
Ryoichi Shimizu (20, 187-209)
PDF (3449KB)

Response errors and biased information
Chikio Hayashi (20, 211-228)
PDF (2659KB)

Distribution-free confidence bounds for P(X lt Y)
Zakkula Govindarajulu (20, 229-238)
PDF (1564KB)

Non-normality and heterogeneity in two sample t-test
G.P. Bhattacharjee (20, 239-254)

On asymptotic relative efficiencies of a class of rank tests for independence of two variables
D.V. Gokhale (20, 255-261)

Investigations of the optimality of a confidence region for the parameters of a non-linear regression model
L.D. Broemeling and H.O. Hartley (20, 263-269)

Low pass filter design
Hirotugu Akaike (20, 271-297)
PDF (4014KB)

Robust estimates of linear trend in multivariate time series
G.K. Bhattacharyya (20, 299-310)

A property of the log-likelihood-ratio process for Gaussian processes
B.L.S. Prakasa Rao and Herman Rubin (20, 311-314)

On the growth of a random walk
C.C. Heyde (20, 315-321)
PDF (761KB)

A note on projections of continuous additive functionals
R.J. Griego (20, 323-326)

A uniqueness result for compound normal and compound exponential distributions
S.W. Dharmadhikari (20, 327-329)

On a compound Gaussian distribution
M.S. Holla and S.K. Bhattacharya (20, 331-336)

Corrections to 'Group divisible rotatable designs' *
M.N. Das and A. Dey (20, 337)

No.3 (1968)

Asymptotic equivalence of real probability distributions
Sadao Ikeda (20, 339-362)
PDF (4063KB)

Bayesian sufficiency in survey-sampling
V.P. Godambe (20, 363-373)
PDF (2069KB)

Bayes approach to compound distributions arising from truncated mixing densities
S.K. Bhattacharya (20, 375-381)

On a property of the Wiener process
R.G. Laha and E. Lukacs (20, 383-389)

Notes on a local limit theorem for discrete time Galton-Watson branching processes
Haruo Imai (20, 391-410)

Estimation of the transition distributions of a Markov renewal process
Erin H. Moore and Ronald Pyke (20, 411-424)

On the use of a linear model for the identification of feedback systems
Hirotugu Akaike (20, 425-439)
PDF (2437KB)

Multivariate regression estimates for finite populations
Md. Anwar Hossain Talukder (20, 441-455)

On the estimation of generalized linear probability model involving discrete random variables
A.R. Roy and V.K. Srivastava (20, 457-467)

Analysis of a balanced incomplete two-way design
A.M. Kshirsagar and P.S. Simha (20, 469-476)

Group divisible rotatable designs - Some further considerations
A. Dey and A.K. Nigam (20, 477-481)

A note on a k-sample model of Conover
P.V. Rao (20, 483-487)

Some statistical methods for large scale and preliminary data analyses
J.T. Chu (20, 489-499)

On the rate of convergence of the range of cumulative sums
V.K. Rohatgi (20, 501-503)
PDF (354KB)

Numerical comparison of improved methods of testing in contingency tables with small frequencies
Nariaki Sugiura and Masanori Otake (20, 505-517)
PDF (1740KB)

On estimating the parameter of a truncated geometric distribution
R.L. Thomasson and C.H. Kapadia (20, 519-523)

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