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Vol.2 Contents (1950/1951)

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No.1 (1950)

On the abscissa of convergence of Laplace-Stieltjes integral
Tadashi Ugaheri (2, 1-3)

On the fundamental operations of collectives
Kameo Matusita (2, 5-11)
PDF (1158KB)

On a relation between exponential law and Poisson's law
Seiji Nabeya (2, 13-16)
PDF (445KB)

A note on the classification of observation data
Hirojiro Aoyama (2, 17-19)
PDF (581KB)

On certain groups of inequalities - Confidence intervals for the mean -
Hiroshi Midzuno (2, 21-33)

On the quantification of qualitative data from the mathematico-statistical point of view (An approach for applying this method to the Parole prediction)
Chikio Hayashi (2, 35-47)
PDF (2140KB)

Sampling design in literacy survey
Chikio Hayashi, Fumiyuki Maruyama, Masatsugu D. Ishida, Setsuko Takakura, Masako Taguma and Michiyo Suzuki (2, 49-59)

Yield trials with backcross derived lines of wheat
G.A. Baker and F.N. Briggs (2, 61-67)

No.2 (1951)

Sampling design in the social survey of language at the city of Shirakawa
Chikio Hayashi (2, 69-75)
PDF (1142KB)

On some criteria for stratification
Chikio Hayashi, Fumiyuki Maruyama and Masatsugu D. Ishida (2, 77-86)

Note on a solution of the generalized Behrens-Fisher problem
B.M. Bennett (2, 87-90)

'r' distributions and 'r' tests
Ryoichiro Sato (2, 91-124)

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