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Vol.19 Contents (1967)

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No.1 (1967)

On the distribution of the maximum latent root of a positive definite symmetric random matrix
Takesi Hayakawa (19, 1-17)
PDF (2059KB)

Bayes rules for comparisons of scale parameters of certain distributions
Umesh D. Naik (19, 19-37)

On the resolvent of a Brownian motion with drift
Tosiaki Kori (19, 39-53)
PDF (1799KB)

Queueing models with balking and reneging
S. Subba Rao (19, 55-71)

Association schemes of new types and necessary conditions for existence of regular and symmetrical PBIB designs with those association schemes
Kumaichi Kusumoto (19, 73-100)
PDF (3862KB)

On optimum stratification for the objective variable based on concomitant variables using prior information
Yasushi Taga (19, 101-129)
PDF (4537KB)

Two-phase sampling for pps estimation
M.S. Chikkagoudar (19, 131-142)
PDF (1567KB)

On the moments of traces of two matrices in multivariate analysis
C.G. Khatri and K.C.S. Pillai (19, 143-156)

Latent roots and vectors of a Wishart matrix
R.P. Gupta (19, 157-165)

On the distribution of the second elementary symmetric function of the roots of a matrix
K.C. Sreedharan Pillai and Arjun K. Gupta (19, 167-179)

No.2 (1967)

On the notion of affinity of several distributions and some of its applications
Kameo Matusita (19, 181-192)
PDF (1427KB)

Maximum probability estimators
L. Weiss and J. Wolfowitz (19, 193-206)

A decision theoretic approach to time series analysis
Bernt P. Stigum (19, 207-243)

Some applications of Loewner's ordering on symmetric matrices
Minoru Siotani (19, 245-259)
PDF (1989KB)

A two-sample estimate of a common mean
Khursheed Alam (19, 261-270)

A two-sample estimate of the largest mean
Khursheed Alam (19, 271-283)

Combining independent one-sample tests of significance
Madan L. Puri (19, 285-300)

On bilateral and unilateral statistics for tests concerning means of normal populations
Umesh D. Naik (19, 301-312)

On the null-distribution of the F-statistics for testing a 'partial' null-hypothesis in a randomized partially balanced incomplete block design with m associate classes under the Neyman model
Junjiro Ogawa, Sadao Ikeda and Motoyasu Ogasawara (19, 313-330)

Group-divisible rotatable designs
M.N. Das and A. Dey (19, 331-347)

The effect of truncation on the F-test for a class of PBIB designs
P.V. Rao (19, 349-354)

On the sample covariance from a bivariate normal distribution
S. James Press (19, 355-361)
PDF (992KB)

Note on multidimensional quantification of data obtained by paired comparison
Chikio Hayashi (19, 363-365)
PDF (477KB)

A Bayesian hypothesis-decision procedure
James M. Dickey (19, 367-369)
PDF (333KB)

Corrections to 'On sequential decision problems with delayed observations' *
Yukio Suzuki (19, 371)

Corrections to 'On optimum stratification for the objective variable based on concomitant variables using prior information' *
Yasushi Taga (19, 372)

No.3 (1967)

On exact probabilities of some generalized Kolmogorov's D-statistics
Giitiro Suzuki (19, 373-388)
PDF (2156KB)

Some properties of a class of tests of fit
Lionel Weiss (19, 389-399)

BAN linear estimates of the parameters of the normal distribution from censored samples
Mir. M. Ali and L.K. Chan (19, 401-411)

Unbiased estimate for 1/p
Milan K. Gupta (19, 413-416)

On the extension of Gauss-Markov theorem to complex multivariate linear models
J.N. Srivastava (19, 417-437)
PDF (3360KB)

Multidimensional tolerance regions based on a large sample
Nobuyuki Nakajima and Keiiti Isii (19, 439-449)

On some nonparametric generalizations of Wilks' tests for HM, HVC and HMVC, I
Pranab Kumar Sen (19, 451-471)
PDF (3230KB)

Classification into multivariate normal populations when the population means are linearly restricted
M.S. Srivastava (19, 473-478)
PDF (807KB)

Kolmogorov's \epsilon-entropy of some Gaussian processes
Kimio Kazi (19, 479-503)
PDF (2991KB)

Comparison of two Bernoulli processes by multiple stage sampling using Bayesian decision theory
Armand V. Smith, Jr. (19, 505-518)

Correlation coefficients between nonparametric tests for location and scale
Jean D. Gibbons (19, 519-526)

On mixtures of \chi2- and F-distributions which yield distributions of the same family
M.F. Neuts and S. Zacks (19, 527-536)
PDF (1336KB)

A note on the sum of Poisson probabilities and an application
Paul L. Meyer (19, 537-542)

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