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Vol.18 Contents (1966)

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No.1 (1966)

On classes of Bayes solutions
Tokitake Kusama (18, 1-11)
PDF (1660KB)

Optimal allocation of observations
M.H. DeGroot (18, 13-28)
PDF (3143KB)

On the Glivenko-Cantelli theorem
Giitiro Suzuki (18, 29-37)
PDF (1361KB)

Minimum variance unbiased estimation of the distribution function admitting a sufficient statistic
G.P. Patil and J.K. Wani (18, 39-47)
PDF (1211KB)

Remarks on sufficient statistics
Ryoichi Shimizu (18, 49-55)
PDF (861KB)

Some economic partially balanced 2m factorial fractions
J.N. Srivastava and R.C. Bose (18, 57-73)

A note on a MANOVA model applied to problems in growth curve
C.G. Khatri (18, 75-86)

On a class of c-sample weighted rank-sum tests for location and scale
P.K. Sen and Z. Govindarajulu (18, 87-105)
PDF (2924KB)

Estimation of parameters of doubly truncated normal distribution from first four sample moments
S.M. Shah and M.C. Jaiswal (18, 107-111)

A note on singular normal distributions
R.P. Bland and D.B. Owen (18, 113-116)

On certain unbiased ratio estimators
T.J. Rao (18, 117-121)
PDF (508KB)

Note on higher order spectra
Hirotugu Akaike (18, 123-126)
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No.2 (1966)

Discrete compound decision problem
Giitiro Suzuki (18, 127-139)
PDF (1583KB)

Remarks on admissibility of decision functions
Tokitake Kusama (18, 141-148)
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On the asymptotic power of Cramer-Von Mises tests of fit
Lionel Weiss (18, 149-153)

Asymptotic efficiency of the maximum likelihood estimator
S. Kaufman (18, 155-178)

Estimation of a multivariate density
Theophilos Cacoullos (18, 179-189)
PDF (1535KB)

On the distribution of a quadratic form in a multivariate normal sample
Takesi Hayakawa (18, 191-201)
PDF (1436KB)

On the simultaneous stabilization of variances and covariances
Harold Ruben (18, 203-210)

The queue GI/M/2 with service rate depending on the number of busy servers
U.N. Bhat (18, 211-221)
PDF (1464KB)

On congestion systems with negative exponential desired service time distributions
D.N. Shanbhag (18, 223-228)
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No.3 (1966)

On sequential decision problems with delayed observations
Yukio Suzuki (18, 229-267)
PDF (6484KB)

On the use of non-Gaussian process in the identification of a linear dynamic system
Hirotugu Akaike (18, 269-276)
PDF (1246KB)

On exponential bounds for binomial probabilities
N. Singh Kambo and Samuel Kotz (18, 277-287)

An asymptotic lower bound for the entropy of discrete populations with application to the estimation of entropy for approximately uniform populations
E.B. Cobb and Bernard Harris (18, 289-297)

On a multivariate slippage problem I
M.S. Srivastava (18, 299-305)
PDF (1147KB)

Selection from multivariate normal populations
Khursheed Alam and M. Haseeb Rizvi (18, 307-318)

On nonparametric simultaneous confidence regions and tests for the one criterion analysis of variance problem
Pranab Kumar Sen (18, 319-336)
PDF (3107KB)

Quadratic order estimates and moments of normal order statistics
J.T. Chu and K. Ya'Coub (18, 337-341)

Non-existence of consistent estimator sequences and unbiased estimators : A practical example
H.S. Konijn (18, 343-350)

On some statistical problems requiring purely sequential sampling schemes
J.R. Blum and Judah Rosenblatt (18, 351-355)

Compound Pascal distributions
Satya D. Dubey (18, 357-365)
PDF (1253KB)

Dirichlet's transformation and distributions of linear functions of ordered gamma variates
D.G. Kabe (18, 367-374)
PDF (1244KB)

A note on a large sample distribution of a transformed multiple correlation coefficient
C.G. Khatri (18, 375-380)

Corrections to 'On the Glivenko-Cantelli Theorem' *
Giitiro Suzuki (18, 381)

* Errata files are joined together with papers