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Vol.17 Contents (1965)

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No.1 (1965)

On estimating multinomial probabilities by pooling incomplete samples
Chooichiro Asano (17, 1-13)
PDF (1767KB)

Controlled selection : A technique in random sampling
B.V. Sukhatme and M.S. Avadhani (17, 15-28)

Estimates of parameters of truncated inverse Gaussian distribution
R.C. Patel (17, 29-33)

On the simultaneous ANOVA and MANOVA tests
P.R. Krishnaiah (17, 35-53)

On multivariate signed rank tests
B.M. Bennett (17, 55-61)

A multivariate extension of the Gauss-Markov theorem
J.N. Srivastava (17, 63-66)
PDF (356KB)

On testing the hypothesis that submatrices of the multivariate regression matrices of k populations are equal
Takesi Hayakawa and D.G. Kabe (17, 67-73)
PDF (759KB)

On the noncentral distribution of Rao's U statistic
D.G. Kabe (17, 75-80)
PDF (747KB)

A lower bound to the probability of variance ratio
A.K.P.C. Swain (17, 81-84)
PDF (480KB)

Tippett's formulas and other results on sample range and extremes
K.V. Mardia (17, 85-91)
PDF (827KB)

On characterizing the exponential distribution by order statistics
A.P. Basu (17, 93-96)
PDF (539KB)

On a life test distribution with stochastic deviations in the mean
S.K. Bhattacharya and M.S. Holla (17, 97-104)

The optimal sampling procedure for estimating the mean of stationary Markov processes
Yasushi Taga (17, 105-112)
PDF (1127KB)

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(17, 113)

No.2 (1965)

Certain class of infinitely divisible characteristic functions
Ryoichi Shimizu (17, 115-132)
PDF (2089KB)

Existence and determination of optimal estimators relative to convex loss
M.M. Rao (17, 133-147)
PDF (2951KB)

A necessary condition for the existence of regular and symmetrical PBIB designs of T3 type
Kumaichi Kusumoto (17, 149-165)
PDF (2377KB)

On a multivariate generalization of the simultaneous analysis of variance test
P.R. Krishnaiah (17, 167-173)

A note on the confidence bounds for the characteristic roots of dispersion matrices of normal variates
C.G. Khatri (17, 175-183)

On the statistical estimation of the frequency response function of a system having multiple input
Hirotugu Akaike (17, 185-210)
PDF (3633KB)

Truncation in quantal assay
T. Krishnan (17, 211-231)

On some asymptotic properties of a class of non-parametric tests based on the number of rare exceedances
P.K. Sen (17, 233-255)
PDF (4414KB)

Note on the multivariate Burr's distribution
Koiti Takahasi (17, 257-260)
PDF (366KB)

An example of the two-sided Wilcoxon test which is not unbiased
Nariaki Sugiura (17, 261-263)
PDF (363KB)

An identity involving Stirling numbers
H.W. Gould (17, 265-269)

No.3 (1965)

A consistent estimator for the mean deviation of the Pearson type distribution
Giitiro Suzuki (17, 271-285)
PDF (1650KB)

A property of the mean deviation (of some discrete distributions)
A.R. Kamat (17, 287-293)

On Bouman-Velden-Yamamoto's asymptotic evaluation formula for the probability of visual response in a certain experimental research in quantum-biophysics of vision
Sadao Ikeda (17, 295-310)
PDF (2260KB)

Inequality constrained maximum likelihood estimation
M.A. Hanson (17, 311-321)

On some tests of homogeneity of variances
Madan L. Puri (17, 323-330)

Runs test for a circular distribution and a table of probabilities
Chooichiro Asano (17, 331-346)
PDF (2414KB)

The goodness of fit of two (or more) hypothetical principal components
A.M. Kshirsagar and R.P. Gupta (17, 347-356)

The distribution of a projected least squares estimator
R.R. Hocking (17, 357-362)

A note on the problem of optimum truncation of a bivariate population in stratified random sampling
M. Samanta (17, 363-375)

On a discrete compound distribution
M.S. Holla and S.K. Bhattacharya (17, 377-384)

Uber eine numerische Methode zur Auflosung der komplexen Gleichungen
Satoki Ninomija (17, 385-398)
PDF (2213KB)

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