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Vol.16 Contents (1964)

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No.1 (1964)

Normal likelihood functions
F.J. Anscombe (16, 1-19)

Optimal capital policy, the cost of capital, and myopic decision rules
Kenneth J. Arrow (16, 21-30)

Estimation of the mode
Herman Chernoff (16, 31-41)
PDF (1804KB)

Comparison of two methods of handling covariates in discriminatory analysis
William G. Cochran (16, 43-53)

Methodology for estimating reliability
W.S. Connor and Gertrude M. Cox (16, 55-67)

Deviation theory for dichotomies
Louis Guttman (16, 69-78)

Optimum extrapolation and interpolation designs, I
J. Kiefer and J. Wolfowitz (16, 79-108)

On the range of cumulative sums
P.A.P. Moran (16, 109-112)

L'opinion publique des Japonais - au milieu du vingtieme siecle -
Sigeki Nisihira (16, 113-128)
PDF (2793KB)

On an extremal property of the Poisson process
Alfred Renyi (16, 129-133)

Tolerance regions for a multivariate normal population
Minoru Siotani (16, 135-153)
PDF (3122KB)

Inadmissibility of the usual estimator for the variance of a normal distribution with unknown mean
Charles Stein (16, 155-160)

On the use of some extraneous information in the estimation of the coefficients of regression
Yukio Suzuki (16, 161-173)
PDF (1901KB)

No.3 (1964)

On an analysis of natural disaster on the railway
Hirojiro Aoyama (16, 175-184)
PDF (1359KB)

Probability and the East
Edward W. Barankin (16, 185-213)

Discussion and responsive comments on 'Probability and the East by Edward W. Barankin'
Yoshiharu Akishige, Chikio Hayashi, Hajime Nakamura, Akichika Nomura, Seizo Ohe, Natuhiko Yosida and Edward W. Barankin (16, 214-230)

Multidimensional quantification of the data obtained by the method of paired comparison
Chikio Hayashi (16, 231-245)
PDF (2180KB)

On a distribution-free two-way classification
Hirosi Hudimoto (16, 247-253)
PDF (922KB)

10,000 spots forest survey
Masatugu Isida (16, 255-276)

Inequalities of the types of Chebyshev and Cramer-Rao and mathematical programming
Keiiti Isii (16, 277-293)

Optimum extrapolation and interpolation designs, II
J. Kiefer and J. Wolfowitz (16, 295-303)

Distance and decision rules
Kameo Matusita (16, 305-315)
PDF (1993KB)

The sweeping-out of additive functionals and processes on the boundary
Minoru Motoo (16, 317-345)
PDF (3810KB)

L'opinion publique des Japonais, II - au milieu du vingtieme siecle -
Sigeki Nisihira (16, 347-367)
PDF (3993KB)

On the asymptotic distribution of the likelihood ratio under the regularity conditions due to Doob
Junjiro Ogawa and Sadao Ikeda (16, 369-385)

On the decomposition of infinitely divisible characteristic functions with a continuous Poisson spectrum
Ryoichi Shimizu (16, 387-407)
PDF (2422KB)

Negative multinomial distribution
Masaaki Sibuya, Isao Yoshimura and Ryoichi Shimizu (16, 409-426)
PDF (2363KB)

A note on the degree of normal approximation to the distribution function of the mean of samples from finite populations
Yasushi Taga (16, 427-430)
PDF (615KB)

On a multidimensional linear discriminant function
Tosio Uematu (16, 431-437)
PDF (1000KB)

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