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Vol.15 Contents (1963/1964)

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No.1 (1963)

On the limiting distributions in Markov renewal processes with finitely many states
Yasushi Taga (15, 1-10)
PDF (1463KB)

Discriminant analysis
M.M. Rao (15, 11-24)
PDF (2419KB)

The F-test in the intrablock analysis of a class of PBIB designs
P.V. Rao (15, 25-36)

Bivariate life-testing models for two component systems
Samir Kumar Bhattacharya and Mahabaleshwara Holla (15, 37-43)

On estimating quantiles
J.R. Blum and Judah Rosenblatt (15, 45-50)

Estimation of a set of fixed variates for observed values of dependent variates with normal multivariate regression models subjected to linear restrictions
D.G. Kabe (15, 51-59)
PDF (1263KB)

Randomized unbiased estimation of restricted parameters
Masaaki Sibuya (15, 61-66)
PDF (886KB)

On two systems of unequal probability sampling without replacement
J.N.K. Rao (15, 67-72)
PDF (800KB)

On the come-and-stay interarrival time in a modified queueing system M/G/1
Shunro Takamatsu (15, 73-78)

Minimax interval estimates with a shortness criterion : A new formulation
H.S. Konijn (15, 79-81)

A note on an identity involving binomial coefficients
Zakkula Govindarajulu and Yukio Suzuki (15, 83-85)
PDF (329KB)

No.2 (1963)

Asymptotic equivalence of probability distributions with applications to some problems of asymptotic independence
Sadao Ikeda (15, 87-116)
PDF (4734KB)

On weighted rank-sum tests for dispersion
P.K. Sen (15, 117-135)
PDF (3297KB)

Information theory and the limit-theorem for Markov chains and processes with a countable infinity of states
David G. Kendall (15, 137-143)

A note on bounds for the asymptotic sampling variance of the maximum likelihood estimator of a parameter in the negative binomial distribution
L.R. Shenton (15, 145-151)
PDF (787KB)

Bounded probability properties of Kolmogorov-Smirnov and similar statistics for discrete data
John E. Walsh (15, 153-158)

On a functional transform
Giitiro Suzuki (15, 159-165)
PDF (969KB)

No.3 (1964)

On a limit theorem for a stochastic process related to quantum biophysics of vision
Keiiti Isii (15, 167-175)

Sequential Bayes procedures which never observe more than a bounded number of observations
Lionel Weiss (15, 177-185)

On high order moments of the number of renewals
Yasushi Taga (15, 187-196)
PDF (1286KB)

Sampling efficiency in Monte Carlo analyses
Charles E. Clark (15, 197-206)

On the come-and-stay interarrival time in a modified queueing system GI/M/1
Shunro Takamatsu (15, 207-213)

A characterization of a bivariate distribution by the marginal and the conditional distributions of the same component
V. Seshadri and G.P. Patil (15, 215-221)
PDF (926KB)

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