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Vol.14 Contents (1962/1963)

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No.1 (1962)

On the design of lag window for the estimation of spectra
Hirotugu Akaike (14, 1-21)
PDF (3341KB)

On the statistical estimation of frequency response function
Hirotugu Akaike and Yasufumi Yamanouchi (14, 23-56)
PDF (5323KB)

A method for estimating approximately the parameters of a certain class of distributions from grouped observations
C.G. Khatri (14, 57-62)

Minimal sufficient statistics for the partially balanced incomplete block (PBIB) design with two associate classes under an Eisenhart Model II
C.H. Kapadia (14, 63-71)

On characterization of the Kullback-Leibler mean information for continuous probability distributions
Sadao Ikeda (14, 73-79)
PDF (1067KB)

A method for generating uniformly distributed points on N-dimensional spheres
Masaaki Sibuya (14, 81-85)
PDF (566KB)

A note on the use of median ranges
Masaaki Sibuya (14, 87-89)
PDF (308KB)

A note on a test procedure with a sample from a normal population when an upper bound to the standard deviation is known
R.P. Pakshirajan and S.S. Chitgopekar (14, 91-93)

An inequality for balanced incomplete block design
C.G. Khatri and S.M. Shah (14, 95-96)

No.2 (1962)

On the optimal life test procedures based on a cost model
Yasushi Taga (14, 97-106)
PDF (1496KB)

Necessary conditions for the convergence of Kullback-Leibler's mean information
Sadao Ikeda (14, 107-118)
PDF (1567KB)

On studentized non-parametric multi-sample location tests
P.K. Sen (14, 119-131)
PDF (2264KB)

A fitting procedure for a generalized binomial distribution
C.G. Khatri (14, 133-141)

On the estimation of the relative efficiency of sampling procedures
J.N.K. Rao (14, 143-150)
PDF (1047KB)

On a heuristic treatment of the 'indices of dispersion'
B.M. Bennett (14, 151-157)

Further consideration on normal random variable generator
Masaaki Sibuya (14, 159-165)
PDF (932KB)

Distributions of order statistics for discrete case
C.G. Khatri (14, 167-171)

Characterization of the normal distribution II
Ryoichi Shimizu (14, 173-178)
PDF (764KB)

Certain properties of the generalized power series distribution
G.P. Patil (14, 179-182)
PDF (691KB)

An implication of stochastic convergence
M.V. Menon (14, 183-184)

No.3 (1963)

On sharpness of Tchebycheff-type inequalities
Keiiti Isii (14, 185-197)

On a selection and ranking procedure for gamma populations
Shanti S. Gupta (14, 199-216)
PDF (3134KB)

Effect of non-centrality on the Bartlett decomposition of a Wishart matrix
A.M. Kshirsagar (14, 217-228)
PDF (1752KB)

Two stage estimation with one observation on the first stage
J.H. Abbott and J.I. Rosenblatt (14, 229-235)

On classification by the statistics R and Z
S. John (14, 237-246)

Asymptotic variances and covariances of the moment estimates of parameters of a truncated Pearson type III distribution
M.C. Jaiswal (14, 247-250)

Stratified random sampling with optimum allocation for multivariate population
Hirojiro Aoyama (14, 251-258)
PDF (931KB)

On a simplified method of the estimation of the correlogram for a stationary Gaussian process
Mituaki Huzii (14, 259-268)
PDF (1210KB)

La mobilite sociale au Japon
Sigeki Nisihira (14, 269-278)
PDF (1899KB)

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