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Vol.13 Contents (1961/1962)

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No.1 (1961)

Some properties of optimal spacing in polynomial estimation
Paul G. Hoel (13, 1-8)

Best populations and tolerance regions
Irwin Guttman (13, 9-26)
PDF (2475KB)

An application of the discrimination information measure to the theory of testing hypotheses Part I
Sadao Ikeda (13, 27-46)
PDF (3384KB)

On the distributions obtained by varying the number of trials in a binomial distribution
C.G. Khatri (13, 47-51)

A characterization of the normal distribution
Ryoichi Shimizu (13, 53-56)
PDF (530KB)

On the estimate of the variance in unequal probability sampling
J.N.K. Rao (13, 57-60)
PDF (557KB)

No.2 (1961)

An application of the discrimination information measure to the theory of testing hypotheses Part II
Sadao Ikeda (13, 61-89)
PDF (4804KB)

Counting distributions for an Erlang process
John R.B. Whittlesey and Frank A. Haight (13, 91-103)

The effect of randomization on the analysis of randomized block design
Junjiro Ogawa (13, 105-117)

Bounds for the variance of Mann-Whitney statistic
J.S. Rustagi (13, 119-126)

Undamped oscillation of the sample autocovariance function and the effect of prewhitening operation
Hirotugu Akaike (13, 127-143)
PDF (2357KB)

A note on the interval estimation related to the regression matrix
C.G. Khatri (13, 145-146)

No.3 (1962)

On the analysis of epidemic model II (Theory and application)
Sigeki Sakino (13, 147-163)
PDF (2509KB)

Some models concerning statistical treatment of a certain congestion phenomenon
Tosio Uematu (13, 165-185)
PDF (2604KB)

On some sequential life tests
Yasushi Taga (13, 187-199)
PDF (2031KB)

On a confidence interval of given length for the parameter of the binomial and the Poisson distributions
Masao Tanaka (13, 201-215)

Convergence to bivariate limiting extreme value distributions
Simeon M. Berman (13, 217-223)
PDF (845KB)

On the distribution of certain linear functions of ordered sample from exponential population
Jiri Likes (13, 225-230)

On exponential and other random variable generators
Masaaki Sibuya (13, 231-237)
PDF (932KB)

Simultaneous confidence bounds on the departures from a particular kind of multicollinearity
C.G. Khatri (13, 239-242)

Note on ordered random intervals and its application
Hirojiro Aoyama (13, 243-250)
PDF (1101KB)

On a model in probit analysis
Masaaki Sibuya (13, 251-257)
PDF (824KB)

A note on the characterization of Shannon-Wiener's measure of information
Sadao Ikeda (13, 259-266)
PDF (1051KB)

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