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Vol.12 Contents (1960/1961)

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No.1 (1960)

On a min-max theorem and some of its applications
Hirotugu Akaike and Yaeko Saigusa (12, 1-5)

On a limiting process which asymptotically produces f-2 spectral density
Hirotugu Akaike (12, 7-11)
PDF (803KB)

Empirical examination of Edgeworth series
J.R. Crawford and John E. Walsh (12, 13-26)

On a coefficient of unidimensional ordering for the individuals' attitudes
Hirosi Hudimoto (12, 27-35)
PDF (1114KB)

Diffusion process corresponding to\frac{1}{2}\sum \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^{i2}}+\sum b^I(x) \frac{\partial}{\partial x^I}
Minoru Motoo (12, 37-61)
PDF (3105KB)

Remarque sur la repartition faible dans un espace localement convexe (I)
Zyunsiro Higuti (12, 63-67)

On the compound binomial distribution
Goro Ishii and Reiko Hayakawa (12, 69-80)

A remark on the convergence of Kullback-Leibler's mean information
Sadao Ikeda (12, 81-88)
PDF (1074KB)

Errata *
(12, 89)

No.2 (1960)

Sufficient parameters : Solution of the minimal dimensionality problem
Edward W. Barankin (12, 91-118)

The extrema of probability determined by generalized moments (I) Bounded random variables
Keiiti Isii (12, 119-134)

Determination of optimum spacings for the estimation of the scale parameter of an exponential distribution based on sample quantiles
Junjiro Ogawa (12, 135-141)

Probabilities for Cramer-von Mises-Smirnov test using grouped data
John E. Walsh (12, 143-145)

A note on the interval estimation related to the regression matrix
Minoru Siotani (12, 147-149)
PDF (313KB)

Cutting out procedures for material with Poisson defects
Masaaki Sibuya (12, 151-159)
PDF (1071KB)

Intraclass contingency tables
Goro Ishii (12, 161-207)

Errata *
(12, 208)

No.3 (1961)

Estimates from censored samples
Charles E. Clark and G.Trevor Williams (12, 209-226)

A multi-decision procedure related to the analysis of single degrees of freedom
Allan Birnbaum (12, 227-236)

Model for the estimation of the size of a population by using capture-recapture method
Koiti Takahasi (12, 237-248)
PDF (1535KB)

The return period of order statistics
E.J. Gumble (12, 249-256)

A statistical study of random packing of unequal spheres
Isao Higuti (12, 257-271)

A note on the testing of homogeneity of k binomial experiments based on the range
Goro Ishii and Mitsuru Yamasaki (12, 273-278)

Corrections to 'Intraclass contingency tables' *
Goro Ishii (12, 279)

Errata *
(12, 280)

* Errata files are joined together with papers