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Vol.11 Contents (1959/1960)

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No.1 (1959)

On a successive transformation of probability distribution and its application to the analysis of the optimum gradient method
Hirotugu Akaike (11, 1-16)
PDF (2544KB)

On the exact probabilities of Renyi's tests
Goro Ishii (11, 17-24)

On a stochastic model concerning the pattern of communication - Diffusion of news in a social group -
Yasushi Taga and Keiiti Isii (11, 25-43)

Coefficients for the determination of one-sided tolerance limits of normal distribution
Milos Jilek and Otakar Likar (11, 45-48)

Some evaluations for continuous Monte Carlo method by using Brownian hitting process
Minoru Motoo (11, 49-54)
PDF (756KB)

Tables of the cumulative distribution functions of samples from symmetrically truncated normal distributions
Om P. Aggarwal and Irwin Guttman (11, 55-68)

Notice *
(11, 69)

Errata *
(11, 70)

No.2 (1959)

On sampling inspection plans
Yukio Suzuki (11, 71-79)
PDF (1265KB)

Nonparametric properties of some maximum likelihood estimates for median of symmetrical population
John E. Walsh (11, 81-88)

Bounds on probability for non-negative random variables
Keiiti Isii (11, 89-99)

The generalized Poisson distribution
Frank A. Haight (11, 101-105)

A convergence theorem for discrete probability distributions
Masashi Okamoto (11, 107-112)
PDF (884KB)

On a two-sample non-parametric test in the case that ties are present
Hirosi Hudimoto (11, 113-120)
PDF (1011KB)

A note on the normal approximation to the sum of independent random variables
Sadao Ikeda (11, 121-130)
PDF (1336KB)

Continuity and characterization of Shannon-Wiener information measure for continuous probability distributions
Sadao Ikeda (11, 131-144)
PDF (2092KB)

No.3 (1960)

Effect of timing-error on the power spectrum of sampled-data
Hirotugu Akaike (11, 145-165)
PDF (3109KB)

Notes on multivariate confidence bounds
Minoru Siotani (11, 167-182)
PDF (2490KB)

Nonparametric tests for median by interpolation from sign tests
John E. Walsh (11, 183-188)

Estimation in the Poisson distribution when sample values of c+1 are sometimes erroneously reported as c*
A. Clifford Cohen, Jr. (11, 189-193)

Bivariate extreme statistics, I
Masaaki Sibuya (11, 195-210)
PDF (1885KB)

A two-sample rank test on location
Toshiro Haga (11, 211-219)

Errata *
(11, 220)

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