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Vol.10 Contents (1958/1959)

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No.1 (1958)

Kinsaku Takano 1915-1958
Kameo Matusita (10, i-ii)
PDF (896KB)

On a computation method for eigenvalue problems and its application to statistical analysis
Hirotugu Akaike (10, 1-20)
PDF (3595KB)

Proof of the law of iterated logarithm through diffusion equation
Minoru Motoo (10, 21-28)
PDF (1032KB)

Some inequalities relating to the partial sum of binomial probabilities
Masashi Okamoto (10, 29-35)
PDF (757KB)

Kolmogorov-Smirnov test in life test
Goro Ishii (10, 37-46)

Tables for testing the homogeneity of k independent binomial experiments on a certain event based on the range
Minoru Siotani and Masaru Ozawa (10, 47-63)

No.2 (1959)

On a method for generalizations of Tchebycheff's inequality
Keiiti Isii (10, 65-88)

Note on linear programming
Yukio Suzuki (10, 89-105)
PDF (2140KB)

Acceptance inspection by variables when the measurements are subject to error
Herbert T. David, Edward A. Fay and John E. Walsh (10, 107-129)

Note on the numerical computation in the discrimination problem
Tosio Uematu (10, 131-135)
PDF (749KB)

Stochastic methods of solving partial integro-differential equations and their application to non-stationary Markoff process : I
Toshio Yokota (10, 137-161)

On the evaluation of the risk index of the railroad crossing
Hirojiro Aoyama (10, 163-180)
PDF (2521KB)

Errata *
(10, 181)

No.3 (1959)

The extreme value of the generalized distances of the individual points in the multivariate normal sample
Minoru Siotani (10, 183-208)
PDF (4013KB)

Orthogonal polynomials without constant term
Masaaki Sibuya and Toshiro Haga (10, 209-222)

Large sample nonparametric rejection of outlying observations
John E. Walsh (10, 223-232)

On the statistical control of the gap process
Hirotugu Akaike (10, 233-259)
PDF (4146KB)

On the analysis of epidemic model I (Theoretical approach)
Sigeki Sakino and Chikio Hayashi (10, 261-275)
PDF (2391KB)

Multiple confidence procedures
Meyer Dwass (10, 277-282)

Some factors related to social mobility in Japan
Kunio Odaka and Sigeki Nisihira (10, 283-288)

* Errata files are joined together with papers